Dried Autumnal Gourds

While one may instantly think of fresh gourds at Halloween, does one think of dried gourds for decorating? Here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we know all about dried gourds, grown and handcrafted in the USA with care to produce stunning shapes and lovable creatures sure to be appreciated by everyone who visits your home.

Ghosts and Pumpkins

For Halloween, your candy dishes should add charm and character to the rest of your decor. The Ghost Gourd Candy Dish is made with a large enough opening to easily put in and take out your favorite candy, and its ghostly features are perfect for Halloween. Its fun spirit complements that of the Pumpkin Gourd Candy Dish, which makes a great companion to the Ghost. Both feature charming hand painted exteriors and either a rafia headpiece or leaf accent. 

Ghost Gourd Candy Dish
Mini Pumpkin Gourd Basket

Go a little more ornamental with the Mini Pumpkin Gourd Basket; a smaller grown gourd with just as much character. The faux berry wrapped handle adds extra charm, and also allows this cute basket to be hung on a windowsill, a Halloween or wire tree or almost anywhere in your home. It also has a Mini Ghost Gourd Basket companion, so you can adorn your home and festive displays with friendly Halloween characters.

Avian Characters

For your Thanksgiving or harvest table centerpiece, our Gobbler Gourd Display will make a nature-inspired and cheerful statement. The imperfections of the gourd mimic the texture of feathers, and makes each one a little different than the next. The little Owlet Gourd is a cute accent for any display, whether you place it with other gourds for fall or keep him on a bookshelf, yellow eyes wide, all year long. Finally, and perhaps the most interesting gourd accent is this Hen Gourd and Egg. A beautifully speckled gourd forms the bottom of this hen, whose head and torso can be lifted away to expose a little white egg nesting in a collection of hay. Together or individually, these gourd accents will make your harvest, Halloween and year-round displays unique and charming, and they make great gifts too!

Gobbler Gourd Bowl
Owlet GourdHen Gourd with Egg