Doghouse Gameboard Instructions

Place the bones on the like colored paw pad. Roll a 1 or 6 to start your game piece on your circle. Aytime a 6 is rolled, receive an extra turn. A player may jump over or bump out an opponents piece returning it to the paw pad. A player may not jump over or land on their own piece.

SHORTCUT: When a piece lands on the roof peak space by exact count, the piece may be moved clockwise around the roof peak spaces on your next turn. Move the number rolled exiting on the path to your doghouse.

SUPER SHORTCUT: Roll a 1 while sitting on a roof top space and move to the center spot. Roll another 1 to exit towards your doghouse. Enter your dog house by exact count. You can not jump over your own pieces at anytime.

First player to fill their doghouse wins!