Decorative Garden & Outdoor Functional Accents

Porch Swing

Sit Back & Relax

 In order to create an inviting space that allows you to enjoy time in the fresh outdoors, decorating your yard is important. It's all about carrying your inside decor outwards; making the outdoors as comfortable as your home environment inside, so you can gladly sit back and relax in the spring and summer months. Lattice Bench is perfect option when considering seating on your outdoor patio, deck, porch or in the garden. Rock gently in the breeze with Cottage Rocker in your choice of color or add the timeless appearance of a Porch Swing to your back or front yard.

Lattice BenchCottage Rocker

Standing Pretty & Standing Tall

If you don't have a garden in your yard, decorate with potted plants. Perhaps the ones that have survived the winter indoors are ready to come back out in the sun. Having a plant stand in the corner of the porch or deck, at the center of a patio space or arranged near the entrance of a fence can make for a real statement. Tulip Plant Stand creates a layered effect with a smaller pot tucked beneath a larger one. Just the right opportunity to display a spider plant or ivy with trailing vines and leaves cascading over the top pot. Rusted Metal Bunny Pot Holder and Cascading Plant Stand offer additional plant storage options.

You can also incorporate functional outdoor decor that mimics the plants and flowers growing naturally. Our Tulip Solar Light Stake is a perfect option, as are the other two Blossom Solar Lights

Tulip Plant Stand
Rusted Metal Bunny Pot HoldersCascading Plant Stand & Glass Tray

Hummingbird Weather Vane

Stake Your Style Statement

When it comes to small decorative accents, Herb Markers are a great place to start. Not just for your raised bed garden, these markers can also accent your potted plants both indoors and out. Whether or not you know how to tell your herbs apart or if you have just planted the first seeds in spring, these herb markers make a delightful stylish statement when on display. Other stake options adding charming accent to your yard include Welcome Garden Stake and Hummingbird Weather Vane, both functional and decorative.

Herb MarkerWelcome Garden Stake

For the Birds

 It may be more than just your friends and family joining you in the backyard, as returning birds may thrive in your outdoor space as well. Offer a feathered friend retreat with Heart Shaped Birdbath, perfect for spreading love to your avian friends all year long, or give them a colorful abode they can call home. These options offer a clever way to decorate your yard while adjusting to the needs of the wildlife who visit you around the year.

Heart Shaped Birdbath
Cardinal Perch Bird FeederWrental Birdhouse

Outdoor Thermometers

No matter what time of year it is, you can always enjoy a decorative thermometer that will either tell you how nice it is outside or whether you would be happier indoors. Our selection of thermometers includes those that are handcrafted, handpainted, seasonally decorated, adorned with inspirational messages and even some that double as clocks. 

Pineapple Thermometer Clock