Summer Blooms

Hello hydrangeas, poppies, sunflowers, roses and daisies! These summer-blooming flowers are not just beautiful in your gardens; they also add such a bright and cheerful look inside your home as faux bunches and on pillows, throws, table runners and rugs. Take a look at some of the blooms featured in our Summer Catalog below.

Perfect Poppies

The bright red blossoms of these flowers make a grand statement and add lively color in a living room, bedroom or on a country bench. For everlasting blooms in an indoor country vase, our Poppy Floral Bunch is just what you need, and there are two colors to choose from or combine for a more striking look when displayed together. For a wall or door, the Blooming Poppies Mini Wreath feature beautifully opened poppies among charming greenery; this mini wreath would also look lovely around a pillar candle as part of a dining room centerpiece. 

Blooming Poppies Mini WreathPoppy Floral Bunch

Must Have Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are known for their large blossoms and small petals, a perfect combination of bold and dainty. Our Summer catalog features three new Everlasting Hydrangea Stems that add height and color to any display, and style that will last season after season. For an equally eye-catching look, place the Hydrangea Flower Blossoms Pillow on a country chair or upholstered sofa for added comfort and beauty. The colors work perfectly for summertime, bringing the warmth and brightness of the season indoors.

Everlasting Hydrangea StemsHydrangea Flower Blossoms Hooked Wool Pillow

Royal Roses and Delightful Daisies

Red roses are sought after all year long, and they not only look beautiful in a garden but they offer pleasant aromas in their natural spaces. While our Daisies & Roses Wreath will not add the delightful scents of this flower, it will be aesthetically appealing on a wall or door. The Daisies offer a sweet, vivid contrast to the deep red, and are accented by little blue blossoms and the leafy greens. The colors are ideal for Fourth of July decorating, but add a wonderful touch to any room throughout the summer season and year.

Daisies and Roses Wreath