Decorating With Bees

The world's most important pollinators can make a delightful accent to your home decorating style. We are not talking about living bees, mind you, but rather those found on these delightfully sweet home accents.

We have gathered some of our favorite bee themed accents below, as well as some interesting facts about these hard-working creatures including their favorite plants and flowers and how to create a garden that will attract bees. If you want to learn more about the importance of these pollinators, click here.

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Cedar Bee House

Popular for Pollination

Honeybees count for 80% of all insect pollination. Encourage bees to pollinate your garden with these helpful tips:

    • Do not use pesticides. You may be doing more harm than good when using chemical pesticides as they are not selective - they may destroy garden-friendly insects in addition to those you may not want around.
    • Use native plants. Always better than non-native invasive species that out compete the local flora. Studies also show that bees are more attracted to native, local plants.
      Bee's Oil
      • More color. Choose several colors of flowers to encourage the bees to buzz around your entire garden area. Bees love blue, purple and yellow, too.
      • Plant in clumps. Make flower-finding easier on your bee visitors by planting groups of flowers together so they are densely packed, rather than sparsely spread, throughout an area.
      • All shapes and sizes. There are 4,000 species of bees in North America alone. Just like humans, they all come in different shapes and sizes. Having a range of flower types and options will allow for the bees to have more pollen access opportunities.
      • Diversity is key. Bees pollinate throughout the year, and some bees are only around for certain seasons. Encourage healthy pollination by keeping various flowers in bloom all year long.
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      Flowers Bees Love

      You may already know which flowers to plant for attracting these little black and yellow creatures to your yard to help your garden grow. In addition to many others, here are just a few bee-favorite flowers to plant in your yard:

      • Aster
      • Black-eyed Susan
      • Huckleberry
      • Lupine
      • Goldenrod
      • Elder
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