Decorating with a Primitive Style

The Primitive Decor style is one that reminds us of the quiet, uncomplicated, simple living of yesteryear. Modeled after late 18th century and early 19th century early America, there are many unique traits to this theme that you can use in your home today. Decorating with a primitive style has never been easier than with Sturbridge Yankee Workshop.

Stargazer Hooked FootstoolHarris Mantel Top Mirror
Black Onion Lantern

Primitive Accents
Often it's the smaller accents that really add a feeling of primitive or rustic decor. The Empire Wall Mount Clothes Dryer is a great way to start. Gracefully curved wood combines with the straight arms and metal supports. Use this sturdy antiqued home accent to dry or store towels and light linens in the kitchen, pantry or laundry room. The metal and bubbled glass Onion Lantern features a textured finish and is inspired by antiques and primitive lighting. Other ways to show off a primitive style include items that appear homemade, such as a wool appliqued pillow or one that exudes folk art charm.

Blessed Assurance PillowEmpire Wall Mount Clothes Dryer

Primitive Furniture
Early American colonists would make sure that their furniture had a functional purpose. Characteristics of primitive style furniture include: distressing techniques within the paint application, rubbed or "worn" edges, exposed metal hardware and fine attention to craftsmanship. At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we have numerous furniture pieces that offer the primitive style, but one of our customer favorites is the USA-made Huntboard. Huntboards were traditionally used for serving breakfast, or as a display after a hunt. This furniture piece has distinctive rubbed edges that give the wood an antiqued look.

Savannah Foyer TableRustic Country Farmhouse Pine Bench

Vintage Star Queen Quilt

Domestically Primitive
The quilting revolution gained hold on the American public after sewing machines were mass produced throughout the 1840's and 50's. The machine allowed fabric patterns to be created more quickly, allowing quilters to show off their true talent. Speaking of quilts, seen here to the left is our Vintage Star Quilt.This design is perfect for updating your current bedding and is appropriate for all seasons. This particular quilt is characteristic of the primitive style because not only does it appear homemade, but it also combines patterns of checked fabric with country elements such as the stars, all in a muted color palette.

Primitive Rug Styles
In the early American home, the living room or "main room" was the heart of those who lived there. To accent this high traffic space, a nice braided or hooked rug was commonly used. Floors were typically stained dark to hide the dirt; often matching the dark paneled walls. Rugs made of hooked fabrics or braided methods gave a sense of coziness to an area frequently used for gathering around a fire. At Sturbridge, we are known for our exquisite braided rugs, most of which are made in the USA. Our Antiqued Tile Rug highlights the beauty that can be achieved in 100% hand hooked wool. Whatever the material, think primary colors or rich, natural colors for your primitive area rugs and accent rugs. 

Antiqued Tile Rug
Entwined Florets RugBridgton Jute Rug

Punch-Tin Cupboard Cottage Cupboard

Primitive Storage
Pieces considered primitive in style must provide ease of use and practicality. Our selection of primitive cupboards and shelves do both, including our classic Punch-Tin Cupboard and decorative Cottage Cupboard. Both unique storage options for your primitive home, the punched tin features a traditional design inspired by antique style. They are also crafted of solid, knotty pine wood and proudly made in the USA. Another primitive style storage option is our Pinewood Plate Shelf. A great way to display decorative plates or other display items in virtually any room of the home, this plate shelf is classically primitive.

Pinewood Plate Shelf
Rustic Wall Cupboard