Decorating with Crows

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Wise Ol' Crow

The crow, often used as a symbol for the quiet life, adds a primitive country touch to your decor. Crows, intelligent and often misunderstoord birds, are a common sight across America: perched on fences, admiring roadside trinkets and pestering farmers for their corn crops. Immortalized in poems, paintings and song, the crow is a fascinating avian addition to our landscapes and country home decor.

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Cunning Crows

Crows show remarkable examples of intelligence in groups. Natural history books from the 18th century recount "counting crows," a crow whose ability to count is established through a logic trap set by a farmer. New Caledonian Crows have also been studied recently for their ability to make and use tools in search for food. Back in 2007, researchers from the University of Oxford, England, presented data from tiny video cameras mounted on the tails of this species of crow. Footage shows the crows plucking, smoothing and bending twigs and grass stems to gain access to a variety of foodstuffs throughout the day.

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Crow CandleCharming Crows

Crows aren't just for the natural world, however. They can also primitive charm to your home when incorporated into just the right accents, like the label on this Crow Candle, which smells like hot buttered maple. Imagine the sweet scent wafting through your home, reminding you of cool, crisp nights with warm pies baking in the oven, or fresh mornings with pancakes and maple syrup. Pillows on a sofa, clocks on the wall, centerpieces on a table; no matter where you choose to display them, crow motifs will be a welcome part of your rustic country and primitive home.
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