Country Shaker Furniture Assembly

Maine shaker table assembly instructions

  • Install the dowels in the shelf.
  • Insert hanger bolts in legs.
  • Set legs in base with dowel holes for the shelf facing in.
  • Slide hanger bolts through holes. **Do not tighten washers and nuts yet.**
  • Hold shelf in position and slide dowels into leg holes.
  • Tighten washers and nuts.
Country Shaker Assembly Instructions:

bolt instructions

Hardware: (4) Bolts (4) Wing Nuts (4) Washers
*To assemble the table, screw the end of the bolt with the wide threads into the pre-drilled hole into the leg by hand.
*To tighten the bolt, screw one wing nut upside down and another right side up onto the end with the finer threads until tight. (Fig. 1)
*Using downward force while turning, screw the bolt into the leg with 3 full turns.
*Remove the wing nuts and repeat process for the rest of the legs.
*Remove the drawer(s) from the table.
*Turn table upside down on a smooth surface.
*Attach the leg to the corner of the table, sliding the bolt through the pre-drilled holes.
*Install flat washer and wind nut, then tighten securely.
*It is tight enough when a 1/2" of fine threads show past the wing nut. (Fig. 2)
*If table has a shelf, insert shelf into grooves in 3 of the attached legs, then install final leg.
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