Curtain Call

Curtain Call

Curtains come in many shapes, sizes and materials, and using them on windows throughout your home adds depth and charm to your stylish decor, especially when coordinating curtains and curtain collections are used. At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we have a variety of collections to complement your country home decor, from check and lace to patterns and insulated window dressings. 

Here are some of our current and classic curtain offerings that will amplify the appeal of not only your windows, but each individual room.

Adrienne Tie Up Valance

Signs Of Spring Curtain Collection

These delightful window dressings are not just stylish, they are perfect for any budget, too.

Featuring spring inspired imagery and a light background that makes each color pop, the Signs of Spring Curtains bring to cheer to any room (especially a country kitchen!) no matter the season.

Signs Of Spring Curtain Collection
Signs Of Spring Curtain CollectionFolk Lace Tier

Embroidered Spring Curtain Collection Detail

Embroidered Spring Curtain Collection

Speaking of spring, we also offer an embroidered curtain collection that is perfect for the season of fresh blooms and growing gardens. The two color options (detail of Red shown below) feature delicate flowers that give any window a pop of color without overwhelming the room. The light, easy-care polyester fabric accentuates the vibrant charm of the embroidery, too. 

Grandview Curtain Collection

Grandview Curtain Collection

Tone-on-tone yarns make this polyester curtain collection really shine in any room. The exquisite jacquard pattern offers timeless appeal and the fabric is perfectly weighted to complement any season. Available in six colors, the Panels and Valance will work perfectly with the style of your home. 

Each piece is also machine washable, so you can conveniently clean them after each season. 

Grandview Curtain CollectionGrandview Curtain Collection

Chamberlain Curtains

Shown here to the right is our Chamberlain Tie-Up Valance, a piece from our new Chamberlain Curtain Collection. With a soft blue background and extraordinary florals, this collection will pop in any room, creating a lavish look on your windows.

Lined and made from cotton, this collection - the Panel, Tie-Up Valance and standard Valance - is machine washable for easy cleaning and care.

Chamberlain Curtain Collection

Bailey Collection

This curtain collection features an intricate jacobean print on soft, linen-like cotton fabric. Available as Tiers, Grommet Panels and as a Valance, the Bailey pieces have bold, vibrant color, and coordinate with the Bailey Chair Pad for a complete look in a dining room. No matter your style or window needs, this collection will surely satisfy both.

Bailey Curtain CollectionBailey Chair Pad

Mabel Macrame Curtain Collection

Mabel Macrame Curtain Collection

This sheer curtain collection is also new to our selection of window dressings. Available in Blue and Red, the Mabel Macrame Tiers, Swag and Valance come in a solid color with delicate macrame edging to bring depth to your windows and youthful charm to your home. Create an Americana feel in the summer, a warm harvest look in the fall, a cool blue atmosphere in the winter, and even a fresh quality to any room in the spring.  

Priscilla Curtain Collection

For window dressings with no fuss but a little frill, our Priscilla Curtain Collection is the best choice. Fresh white polyester is easy-care and brightens any space in your home. Ideal for bedrooms, kitchens, formal rooms and the family room, the tiers, panels and valance are quite versatile and are perfect for layering over other solid curtains or lace curtains. 

Priscilla Curtain Collection

Sturbridge Plaid ValanceSturbridge Plaid Button Valance

Sturbridge Plaid

Country plaid has never looked so good. A timeless curtain collection for every room of your home, our Sturbridge Plaid Tiers, Panels, Swags, Valances, Shower Curtain and Chair Pad will dress your home in classic style and enhance the charm of your country home furnishings.

The Button Valance features ticking stripes and button details that give it a more tailored look in any window. Our Sturbridge Plaid window dressings look beautiful over lace and sheer curtains and just as appealing when used alone. 

Sturbridge Plaid Border Star Curtains
Sturbridge Plaid Prairie SwagSturbridge Plaid Gathered Swag

Folk Lace Forest

A customer favorite collection, our nature-inspired Folk Lace Valance, Tiers, Swag and Panels feature delicate lace that allows for plenty of sunshine to filter through the intricate forest details.

Appealing from afar and even more charming up close, these window dressings will enhance the elegance of each room in your home and the visual appeal of each season outside your windows.

Folk Lace Swag
Folk Lace PanelFolk Lace Tier

Garden Birds Lace Curtain Collection

Garden Birds Lace

Also inspired by nature, our Garden Birds Lace Curtains feature folk art motifs and bird imagery that will delight and impress on any window. A solid edge gives each piece more emphasis on your windows for a truly impressionable home accent. 

If you recognize the pattern on these lace curtains, then you've likely seen our Bird Lace tabletop accents, which include a Placemat, Table Topper and Table Runner. You can view these coordinating pieces here

Vineyard Macrame Shower Curtain in WhiteVineyard Macrame Tier & Valance in Linen

Vineyard Macrame

The linen weave of this curtain collection is enhanced by a delicate macrame floral edging that adds flair and style to your windows while coordinating witt your country home accents. The Valance, Tiers, Swag and Panels are available in two neutral colors, which a timeless look in a kitchen or bedroom through every change of season, as well as a new blue color for a more bold appearance.

Completing this collection is our new Shower Curtain, and the Vineyard Macrame Bed Skirt; a tasteful accent in any bedroom whether you hang the curtains or not. 

Vineyard Macrame Valance in Blue
Vineyard Macrame Tier in WhiteVineyard Macrame Swag in White

Classic Country Check Valance & Tiers

Classic Country Checks

These classic checks turn any rustic room into a charming country retreat, and this collection offers so many styles and three colors for a variety of looks in your home. The simple pattern appeals to the eye while also complementing your home accents and country home furnishings, and the soft cotton material is easy to wash and keep looking fresh. We also offer Country Check Chair Pads to take the look from your windows to your chairs, and a Country Check Shower Curtain for completing the look in a bathroom.

Classic Country Check SwagClassic Country Check Shower Curtain

Jacquard Penny Flower Lace

These lace window dressings are hard to look away from; the jacquard lace design and scalloped edges add beauty to any room and complements your treasured vintage home accents.

The delicate penny flower pattern provides enough detail for this curtain collection to be used all on its own, and throughout every season of the year. You'll never tire from admiring their elegance or hearing compliments about each collection piece from guest and visitors. 

Folk Lace Swag
Folk Lace PanelFolk Lace Tier

Charleston Panels and Valance

Charleston Curtains

Our Charleston Curtains offer any window a full, lush look in beautiful colors. The thick fabric cascades around your windows, adding elegance to a formal dining room, master bedroom or family room. Layer with equally elegant lace curtains or no additional window dressings for a beautifully rich contrast.

The Valance and Panels look extraordinary when paired, but also add a cohesive look when used separately, and in different colors, throughout your home. 

Hydrangea Sheer 

Simple window dressings can offer a highly elegant look in any room, and our Hydrangea Sheer Curtain Collection does just that. The delicate flower petals are appliqued onto each piece, accenting the embroidered centers, stems and leaves; these country curtains provide artistic inspiration of their own!

Sunlight will filter into your home warmly all year long through these curtains, and their airy feel will serve as a reminder of the fresh days of spring. For more stylish hydrangea curtains, browse our Hydrangea Border Lace Curtain Collection, new this spring. 

Hydrangea Sheer Swag
Hydrangea Sheer PanelHydrangea Sheer Balloon Shade

Crochet Check Swag

Crochet Check

One of our newer collections, these window dressings offer the country charm of check and the simple elegance of detailed crochet. With two valance designs and two color choices, you will have coordinating curtains for your formal rooms as well as your casual living spaces.

Complement your classic country home furnishings with these Crochet Check Curtains from season to season, and layer with lace curtains for a layered look.