Corinna Bronzed Iron Bed Assembly

Corinna Bronzed Iron Bed


  • STEP 1: Align top reduction of leg extension (9) with bottom of headboard panel (11) posts. Now carefully insert leg extension (9) into bottom of headboard panel (11) Secure leg extension with screw (3) and flat metal washer (4) using allen wrench (7)
  • STEP 2: Place headboard and frame in desired location in room. Place 2 screws (1) through holes located in leg (9). Align bed frame braket over screws. Place a flat metal washer (4), lock washer (5), and a hex nut (6) over on each screw and hand-tighten. (DO NOT TIGHTEN SCREWS ALL THE W AY). Repeat on other side of headboard, and tighten all screws securely using the Allen wrench (7) and open wrench (8)
  • STEP 3: Position footboard panel (12) and align holes in the post with holes in the frame bracket. Place a lock washer (5) and flat metal washer (4) over on each screw (2), and insert through bracket and into post. (DO NOT TIGHTEN SCREWS ALL THE WAY) Repeat on other side of footboard panel, and tighten all screws using the Allen wrench (7).


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