We love the versatility and cheerful qualities of the color yellow. You can use it in combination with wood furnishings to add rustic, whimsical charm or with muted tones for a beach inspired feel.

Bright and Cheerful

Bright, bold yellow accents can make any room feel happier — and you'll feel happier as soon as you enter the space. Sunflowers are classic options for adding a splash of sunshine to your current style as they range from rustic goldenrod to bright golden yellow in color. And if you are a little hesitant about working this color into your home decor, sunflowers and other yellow blooms will add yellow hues that are natural, beautiful and easy on the eyes.

Round Sunflower Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Under The Sun Pillow Sunflower Pillar Candle

Multi Stripe Indoor Outdoor Rocker Cushion Set Classic Country Check Curtains
Jelly Hutch Cabinet Set Mustard

Muted Tones for Rustic Charm

Goldenrod and mustard are two colors that appear frequently throughout our offerings at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop. Muted yellow hues can lend a rustic appearance, a welcome look in any country home. This Primitive Carriage Box is a convenient storage solution, organizing your belongings in a pantry or bedroom while adding decorative charm to your country home furnishings. It is easy to see how the Jelly Hutch Cabinet Set in this rich mustard finish adds a desirable look to your country decor while providing convenient, easy-to-access storage in a walk-in pantry, dining room or country kitchen.

Primitive Wooden Carriage Box Rustic Wood Watering Can Planter

Brass Sturbridge Lantern Lamp Ceramic Tear Drop Lamp
Brighten Up

Just like sunshine on a clear day, you can easily use bright light and sunny colors in any room to evoke an uplifting, cheery feeling. Our timeless Sturbridge Lantern Lamps offer dual lighting options, and the brass color enhances the warmth of the room. Pair with dark wood furniture for a rich feel or with lighter pine furnishings for a relaxed space. The Classic Ceramic Fluted Lamp is available in a bright yellow base that will brighten a family room, den or bedroom at any time of day.

Classic Ceramic Cottage Lamp Classic Ceramic Fluted Lamp

Lab With Leaves Pillow Aspen Leaf Gold Plated Ornament
Tips for Using Yellow
  • Combine lemon yellow with other bright colors like red, blue or green
  • Soft, understated yellow works well with soft cream
  • Rustic mustard and rich gold pair with wooden furnishings
  • Goldenrod brings simple, primitive charm
  • White, soft yellow and lavender create whimsical spaces
  • Muted tones of gray work wonderfully with yellow
  • Yellow can be a cool or warm color, depending on the amount of other hues it contains
  • Purple and yellow are complementary colors on the color wheel, offering coordinating contrast
Primitive Corner Bread Box Cupboard
Country Daisy Wreath Star Berry Vine Wallpaper