Bring seating luxury to the front porch and parlor with identical finesse! Traditional design brings an inviting country cottage feel to your home, making the Windsor Bench an easy choice to welcome guests. Sturdy construction, turned legs, high-spoked back and smooth contoured seat will satisfy your cravings for beauty and quality. Choice of Black or Stain finish. Seat height: 18"H. Bench: 40.5"H x 40"W x 18"D.

Black Windsor Bench

Assembly Instructions

Important Notes To Keep in Mind:

  • Place all wooden parts on a clean and smooth surface such as a rug or carpet to avoid parts from being scratched.
  • Check to be sure that you have all parts and hardware.
  • Remove all wrapping materials, including staples and packing straps before you start to assemble.
  • Clean Windsor Bench with a soft cloth. Never use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners as they could destroy the finish.
  • Do not tighten all screws/bolts until fully assembled.
  • Keep all hardware parts out of reach of children.
How to Assemble Windsor Bench

Windsor Bench Step by Step
Windsor Bench Step 1
Windsor Bench Step 2
Windsor Bench Step 3
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Windsor Bench Step 5
Windsor Bench Step 6