Jennifer Brinley

Jennifer received a degree in studio art from the University of California at Santa Barbara and furthered her education at the Rhode Island School of Design. While there, she developed a passion for design and architecture that lead her to receive a graduate degree from UCLA. Jennifer enjoys painting with bright, bold colors and has a broad range of themes she illustrates including flowers, fruit, veggies, seasonal, garden, animals of the land and sea, locations in Europe and various characters. Her designs can be simple, complex, realistic or have a folk art feel. Jennifer says, "the purpose of good design is to tickle the eye and stir the imagination."

Provence Sunflowers Rug

Karl Johnson

Long considered one of America's premier silhouette artists, Karl Johnson has been practicing this rare art form for most of his life.  Karl learned this unique skill from his father, who had been taught many years earlier by a long time family friend. Starting when he was only ten years old, Karl estimates that he has freehand cut hundreds of thousands of silhouette images.

From a young age, Karl took to this unusual art form extremely well. He attributes this, in part, to having vision in only one eye. Not having binocular vision forces Karl to judge the distance and shape of an object through the examination of its shadow. This allows him to capture an image in an uncanny way. Cat & Grasshopper Accent Rug features a screen print image of a black cat.The image was originally created as one of Karl's silhouettes. 

Cat & Grasshopper Doormat