Versatile Saddle Stool

You can count on Sturbridge Yankee Workshop for quality furniture. They offer a variety of classic styles and pieces that have been favorites for years including the saddle stools. These stools are an all-time kitchen and breakfast bar favorite. The collection of saddle stools at Sturbridge offers sleek, contoured seating for comfort that you don't get from flat top stools. They are made with an improved hardwood construction and lustrous hand rubbed finish that sets them apart from the rest. Tapered legs add style that complements traditional and country decor with some distressing on the seat and legs.You can choose saddle stools in black, red, stain, black with stain seat or white to suit your needs. The chair height is 18" while the counter height is 24". Bar stool height is 30". The choice in height makes it feasible to use the saddle stools for a variety of situations; add one to a vanity or unconventional bar. This is a sought-after favorite in the kitchen, dining area or living room.

Another item that will work great with the saddle stools is the knotty pine Mitten Box. This piece features a convenient storage space with an open and close lid for mail, messages to family members or small accessories. You can hang keys, leashes or jackets on sturdy wood 3" pegs below the storage compartment. Place saddle stool and mitten box near the door where you can conveniently get your accessories, put on boots or just create a great little spot to sit! You might also choose the Small Office Organizer to provide you with an all-purpose storage solution in a small space. Organize keys, inbound and outbound mail and any other items you need to keep handy.

The beauty and simplicity of this furniture makes it simple to use together with the pieces that work best for your needs. Saddle stools are a versatile option for seating that can go to any room and coordinate with any other type of furniture. Mix different styles including the saddle stools with Colonial Stools and the Colonial Mudroom Bench to maximize your seating potential in any area of your home with great style. There's even a great Colonial style Corner Chair that will add a little more room to sit or to just look great with a pillow tossed on as an accent piece.

Saddle Stools are a favorite choice in seating for many because of their versatility from their availability in different heights. You will find a wide selection of furniture, including a large collection that is made in the USA, with unmatched quality and workmanship at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop. Use great pieces like saddle stools and accent tables to add a little touch of classic beauty to any room or look for the major pieces that you want to create the right feeling to your country home. Go to to view the online catalog.