Tree of Life Wall Art

Tree of Life Symbolism

Tree of life imagery has been depicted in numerous religious publications from as early as the story of the Garden of Eden. Many feel that it is the interconnectedness of species that makes the world as we understand it today.

The tree of life is closely related to the tree of knowledge, connecting heaven and the underworld. Both tree symbols, according to scholars, are part of one "world tree" or "cosmic tree."


Cultural Significance

We also see recognition of a similar tree in ancient Egypt. Egyptians referred to this tree as "a tree in which life and death are enclosed," having claimed that Isis and Osiris (Egyptian gods) emerged from their sacred acacia tree. Tree of life symbolism has made a profound effect on societies all around the world and the culture and folklore within them. What makes this tree so special? Various illustrations and interpretations of what the tree of life looks like have been created over the years. Variations on the tree of life motif and imagery can be hidden among common items as well.

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Living Life Print

Tree of Life Brings Inspiration

The tree of life symbol influences art that is created out of inspirational themes. An example of this is Bonnie Mohr's Living Life Print, embracing the idea of everlasting life. "Life is not a race — but indeed a journey. Be honest. Work hard. Be choosy. Say 'thank you,' 'I love you' and 'great job' to someone each day." A message of life lessons goes hand in hand with the theme of the tree of life. We must work together to live our lives happily and to the fullest, to ensure that all life continues to grow and prosper — just like a tree.