Teak Furniture Assembly

Our teak furniture is dry kilned and is ready for a good weathering. The Grade A wood comes from sustainably grown farms. A few of the teak items come flat packed and are shipped in large flat sections that need to be put together, here are instructions to get you enjoying your new patio furniture.


Test Assembly
Please test assemble your teak furniture product before using glue and starting the final assembly process. You may use ordinary nails in the dowel holes to hold the product together (do not bang in the nails, just insert them into the dowel holes). The step of test assembly will allow you to make sure of the following:

  1. You know how the parts fit together.
  2. You can see the product in its assembled form before permanent assembly.
  3. You can check whether the teak product fits your preferences.

Assembly Instructions

  • Inspect package and Drawings to recognize all components. Note little numbers on ends or faces of components.
  • Lay out the parts so that the numbered pieces match.
  • Tenons (oval, round or flat extending things) will go into the Mortises (oval or round or rectangular holes).
  • Put some glue in the Mortise and around the tenon, as illustrated to the right.
  • In general, Start assembly by laying one side on the ground and building upwards.
  • Once all the pieces are in place, insert a small screwdriver or pin into all the dowel holes to ensure they are aligned.
  • Lightly Tap dowels in with a hammer or mallet. You will feel them seat. Dowel will not go in all the way. There will be about 1/4 inch of dowel left over. You may cut off the excess with a chisel or a kitchen knife.
  • Please allow 6 -7 hours for the glue to set before normal use.
  • Enjoy your new Teak furniture!
Adding glue to coupling