Task lighting describes any type of lighting used for illuminating a dark area when additional lighting is needed to complete a task. Any room in your home may benefit from this kind of lighting, and it's important to select a lamp that not only looks great with your decor, but also serves your specific needs for that area. This type of lighting is often adjustable, and it is becoming more common for lamps to include built-in USB ports for conveniently charging electronics while you work. 

At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, you can find numerous styles of task lighting, suitable for every room in the home. Below are some of our most popular styles.

Iron Vine Torchiere Floor Lamp Farrow Lamps

Mini Fort Hill Pendant

Mini Pendants

Brighten any workspace with mini pendants, while creating a timeless nostalgic atmosphere. Many pendant designs in our collection are inspired by the early 20th century Industrial Revolution era. These lamps bathe rooms in a warm electric glow that is easy on the eyes and relaxing. We enjoy bringing you vintage style mini pendants modeled after lighting of the past. They just don't make lighting like they used to anymore — but with our historically inspired lighting solutions, you can take a trip back to the days of old. Consider choosing mini pendants to illuminate a kitchen island, hallway, bedroom closet, hobby work area and other spaces.

Urban Renewal Mini Pendant
Glass Tea Jar Pendant

Wall Sconces

The wall sconce is a practical choice for lighting a seating area in the living room, a bedroom vanity or a bathroom counter. This type of lighting works best when used to illuminate a specific area that needs a little more lighting to see comfortably. Our collection includes a range of styles for your decorative convenience. One timeless style we feature is the swing arm sconce. These are flexible lamps with metal arms that you can expand or contract like an accordion or move horizontally. The beauty of this style is that you can adjust the level and angle of light to suit your needs. Other styles bring a nostalgic touch to your décor.

Antique Swing Arm Wall Lamp
Simplicity Swing Arm Wall Lamp Cole Wall Sconce

Pleated Bronze Adjustable Floor Lamp Cumberland Adjustable Floor Lamp
Adjustable Lamps

Whether your home décor is traditional, modern, rustic or minimalist, our classic style adjustable lamps blend beautifully with your furnishings. The adjustability of these floor and table lamps varies between collections. Typically, an adjustable lamp allows you to move the shade portion of the fixture to direct the light source wherever you like. We offer desk and floor lamps with this feature. But adjustability is only one reason to admire these lamps. These classic lamp designs, inspired by vintage lighting, enhance the decorative beauty of any space.

Naples Adjustable Task Lamps With Glass Shade
Granger Adjustable Floor Lamp Adjustable Cage Floor Lamp