We all know the famous rhyme: "A-tisket, a-tasket, a green and yellow basket." Baskets have served humankind throughout the centuries. And at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, you'll find many different varieties of this traditional storage solution to help you keep your home organized and clutter-free.

Keep items like notes, bags, shoes and jewelry tucked away and out of sight in attractive baskets that fit your taste. Embrace colorful country charm with our braided, rattan or wood baskets or opt for the classic, utilitarian look of metal or wire.

Take a look below for storage solutions (and decorative options) for any room.

Seagrass Cottage Nightstand

Wire Storage Basket Wire Storage Basket
Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are perfect for storing plants or fruit, or organizing your spices in the kitchen. Those that hang on a wall can be put to use in a kitchen, pantry, entryway or bathroom, while wire baskets with handles can be kept in a Cubby Bench or placed next to a chair. Both storage solutions work for items that need to be kept organized and within easy reach.

The Crochet Wire Basket (shown below in Seaspray) has a wire frame that is covered in crocheted yarn. This gives the basket added textural appeal, and allows for a pop of color wherever it is placed, be it on the stairs or next to your easy chair. 

Set Of Two Wire Baskets
Crochet Wire Basket Set of Large Wire Baskets

Wicker & Wood Baskets

Store items the old-fashioned way in wicker and wood baskets similar to those that have been used in country homes for centuries. Lightweight and versatile, the woven herringbone design and convenient handles on our Wicker & Wood Totes are just right for display and storage in your kitchen, entryway or bedroom, or under a rustic bench.

Cubby Storage Bench
Wicker & Wood Totes

Bird Nest Braided Jute Basket Cranberry Jute Braided Basket

Braided Baskets

Our braided baskets feature a flexible shape which easily accommodates their contents. Storing soft, squishable items like dog toys or stuffed animals is as easy as storing shoes or firewood. These braided baskets are available in large and small sizes, and in traditional colors like black and cream and other natural tones. They are designed to fit perfectly with our Shaker benches for instant storage solutions. Coordinate your entire room with braided basket options that will match your braided rugs, such as the Chestnut Knoll and Boston Common braided baskets, shown below. Keep everything from knitting projects to baby toys tucked away in beautiful baskets that serve as accents for your decor.

Paw Prints Jute Basket
Chestnut Knoll Braided Utility Basket Boston Common Braided Utility Basket