Shaker Furniture

Made with enduring simplicity and beauty, these pieces have a sense of utility and purity that have been the founding cornerstones of Shaker furniture for nearly as long as America has been a nation. As early as 1774 when Ann Lee arrived in New York with nine followers of the religious sect then known as Wardleys, the Shakers began the tradition of simple quality in their furnishings. Shaker furniture today symbolizes the desire by the Shakers to apply harmony and order to every aspect of their life. They believed in doing your work as though you had a thousand years to live and as if you were to die tomorrow. Simple, honest style and fine craftsmanship are the hallmarks of Shaker design and are the reasons that Shaker furniture makes such an impressive addition to any room of your home. All of the pieces from Sturbridge Yankee Workshop are handcrafted in Maine with fine workmanship and quality materials to create valuable pieces you will be proud to have in any room of your home or in your office.

Shaker tables make beautiful and functional accent pieces in any room in combination with other Shaker furniture or as a standalone item. Choose the right table to fit in the corner or to place along a wall, in a warm cherry stain, cranberry, or black that will add a touch of colonial-inspired quality and beauty to any room. The Shakers were ingenious designers and the Shaker furniture reflects their ingenious use of design and practicality. Bookcases and organizers are also part of the Shaker furniture collection at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, from the 48" tall bookcase to the functional desk organizer, you can find the right tools for any office including the one you have at home.

Handcrafted, the desk organizer is a piece of  that is designed to keep your desktop uncluttered and give you a place to keep all of your supplies on hand. It is constructed with Shaker ingenuity, featuring two drawers to store pens, stamps, and paperclips and four convenient slots where you can secure mail. It also has three open compartments for paper, journals and books.

The storage benches are possibly the most familiar type of Shaker furniture, and are available in a variety of sizes. They are versatile and functional pieces made with a hinged top so that you have a convenient seat and storage all in one piece. It works great near a doorway where you can keep gloves and scarves as well as in the kids' room for keeping their games and toys. All of the Shaker furniture at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop works well together or alone to provide you with beautiful, functional pieces that work where and how you want them. Browse the website at to see the entire collection.