Teak Double Rocking Chair

When you think of a rocking chair, what image pops into your mind? Perhaps you remember sitting on a porch in the warm summer sun, sipping lemonade while watching clouds roll by. Or maybe you picture your mom or dad lulling you to sleep while sitting in a rocking chair.

So with those thoughts in your mind, let's take a quick look at the history of rocking chairs and see the variety of rockers you can find at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop. 

Solid Fabric Indoor Outdoor Rocker Cushion Set Multi Stripe Indoor Outdoor Rocker Cushion Set

Rocking Chairs Defined

At their simplest, rocking chairs can be described as chairs with curved bands (rockers) attached to the bottom of the legs. As you know, rockers contact the floor at only two points, rather than the usual four of a standard chair, allowing the occupant to rock back and forth. By gently shifting your weight, or pushing against the floor with your feet, you can give your rocking chair just enough power to shift. Commonly, rocking chairs are made of wood, and are displayed plainly to show off their rustic, welcoming looks. You can also choose to adorn a rocking chair with rocker pads or an accent pillow to add a little more comfort and style.

Cottage Rocking Chair & Table Indoor/Outdoor Rocker Cushion Set

Classic Swivel Upholstered Rocker Looking Closer

Rocking chairs are known to produce calming effects for the occupant, making them ideal for soothing babies or seating in a living room. Rocking motions are known to help people relax and fall asleep, perhaps because rocking is associated with safety and comfort. Rocking chairs are also comfortable because the chair naturally rocks back and forth until the person's center of gravity is met. This creates an ergonomic benefit as the occupant is kept at an unstressed position and angle. Varieties of rockers also include those with swinging braces commonly known as gliders, as well as swivel rockers that can change direction with ease.

Tapestry Glider Rocker & Ottoman Ava Upholstered Glider & Ottoman

Rockers for Every Need

American inventor Benjamin Franklin is often credited for inventing the rocking chair, but historians can trace the history of the rocking chair back to the early 18th century, when Franklin was a child. These rockers, originally used in gardens, were simply chairs with rockers attached. By the middle of the 18th century, wicker rocking chairs were increasingly popular in America. By the 1920s, folding rocking chairs were all the rage. People were more mobile while enjoying their leisure time, and they wanted to bring their most comfortable chairs with them. 

Danby Upholstered Rocker
Stafford Upholstered Swivel Rocker Mission Rocker