Moonlight Framed Print November Snow Print

If you're looking for "prints charming" — the perfect print to add that finishing touch to a room’s decor — look no farther than our selection of country prints. Our wall art has been created by some of your favorite artists, depicting beloved places, animals and scenes. Whether you are looking for a rustic autumnal barn, a quiet snowy scene or an adorable illustration of your favorite animal, you’ll find it in our wonderful, varied collection.

Below, we take you for a small tour of our selection of fine prints and wall art, but stay up to date on newly added pieces and special savings here.


Mail Pouch Farm Print
Seasons Prints

Round Barn Print Herbery Farm Print

Seasonal Prints

When it comes to seasonal decorating, prints and wall art are great home accents for keeping your home aligned with what Mother Nature is up to outside.

Select green, flowery prints for spring (especially those featuring rabbits and chickens); dreamy locations like a cottage in the woods or a beachfront retreat for summer; warm-colored foliage and autumn plant life for fall; and snowy scenes for winter. Take your wall art a little farther for holidays and special occasions, and keep your home looking fresh and beautiful, no matter the time of year.

Be Ye Thankful Rustic Print
One Horse Sleigh Framed Print A Visit From St Nick Print

View of New Hampshire from Vermont Print Thorp Mill Print

Prints Made in the USA

Many of our charming prints are made right here in the USA, and some are even created in our home state of Maine. Many customer favorite artists create beautiful Made in the USA wall art for decorating your home with authentic home accents and appealing imagery. Bonnie White, Loren Blackburn, Tracy Lizotte, Bonnie Fisher and Christopher John are just a few of the many talented artists who create their coastal, nature-inspired, whimsical and realistic prints here in America for display in your home — seasonally or all year long.

Portland Head Light Print
Witches Brew Print Chicken Shed Print

The Christmas Barn Lighted Canvas Thirteen Stars Lighted Canvas

Lighted Canvas Prints

The charm of these prints shines on any wall, with the help of small lights positioned strategically in the canvas. With the lights off, the print depicts beautiful seasonal or year round scenery. With the flip of a switch, the print comes to life with light and is even more enchanting. Whether you're adding a warm glow or a little sparkle to your walls, this wall art will surely illuminate your country home. 

Green Grass Of Home Lighted Print
Woodland Christmas Lighted Canvas Print Chickadees & Shutter Lighted Canvas Print

Wild Turkeys Print Storm Coming Print

Life on the Farm

We are happy to offer many prints by our talented artists, who create wonderfully vivid and comforting scenes of the country way of life, past and present. From the blooming flowers and green grasses of spring to the snowy fields and festive events of winter, prints for every home and every season are available in our catalog and online. Bonnie Fisher, Dan Campanelli and Billy Jacobs are just three of many artists who create farm and countryside wall art for homes just like yours — and their prints are perfect for seasonal decorating or complementing rustic home accents.

Since 1832 Canvas Print
Rustling Leaves Print Headin' Home Print

Yorkie Mini Framed Canvas Wall Art Those Feline Eyes Print
Looking For Trouble Print

Pet Prints of all Sizes

There is no doubting the charm of a home displaying pet-inspired home accents, especially prints and wall art. Whether your pet is a calm indoor type or a wild and crazy lover of the outdoors, Sturbridge Yankee Workshop has a print that reflects your pet's personality. Display these prints with photographs of your own furry family member to enhance the feeling of comfort in a family room or bedroom.

Kids Will Be Kids Print Yellow Lab Mini Framed Canvas Wall Art

Coastal Dreams

A calm sea set against a coastal landscape can put our minds at ease during a busy day in our hectic world. Other times, the bustle of boats and beachgoers can enhance our own sense of excitement and adventure. Our oceanic and beach-inspired prints capture the most realistic portrayals of hidden havens and coastal communities, with nostalgic, beautiful or whimsical designs that complement your decor and lifestyle. Display wall art from some of your favorite artists in a seaside cottage or your country home among ocean-inspired home accents. 

Sailboat Barn Framed Print
Misty Harbor Print Heading Out Sailing Print