History of the Pineapple

The pineapple: tough on the outside, delicious on the inside. We all know how wonderful pineapples taste, but do you know the history behind this fancy fruit?

It has long been understood that Christopher Columbus made the first European connection with the pineapple plant. At that time, fresh fruit was a rare commodity (exotic fruit, doubly so), and the pineapple quickly became a fruit celebrity of royal gourmets and horticulturists.

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Coveted Symbol of Luxury

For many years, the pineapple remained a coveted commodity that was cherished for its rarity. Europeans tried to produce their own pineapple plants, since they were very hard to come by. Unfortunately, due to the harsh European climate, their efforts were mostly fruitless. Because of the difficulty in cultivating pineapples, the ability to obtain one was viewed as a significant symbol of prosperity and royalty. In fact, it was so uncommon to have possession of a pineapple that King Charles II posed for a portrait that truly attested to his royal status: receiving a pineapple as a gift. A royal gift, indeed. Times have changed and this fruit is thankfully much easier to come by. But you can still express your own royalty with our White or Gold Pineapple Table Lamps.

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Pineapples As a Symbol of Hospitality

Across the sea in Colonial America, the pineapple was brought home by sailors returning to New England from faraway ports. A fresh pineapple proudly displayed on the porch was a symbol that the home was ready to welcome visitors once again. It is no surprise that this symbol of hospitality is still in use today in architectural design, on welcome signs and in home décor. Show your visitors you are ready to welcome them to your home with this attractive Rubber Pineapple Half Mat. Pineapple lamps like the ones above accent your home with a sense of hospitality.

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Iconic Hawaiian Fruit

Pineapple cultivation first began in Hawaii around the late 19th century, where the pineapple industry began to grow and export throughout the world. However, the fruit actually originated in South America.

Encourage a welcoming atmosphere in any room of your home with accents like Pineapple Crushed Lace Curtains or the Pineapple Thermometer Clock. And do not forget to tell your guests all about the history of the pineapple as you enjoy some of the fruit yourselves!

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