Our Mission Style End Table offers timeless Arts and Crafts style that's functional, too. An additional pull-out tabletop has easy-to-clean finish, a magazine rack on back, and a tall hidden storage space behind the single front door made to look like three drawers. Assembly. 24"H x 18.25"W x 22.75"D.

Mission Style End Table Mission Style End Table


  • Before discarding packing materials, please check all parts and hardware are presented.
  • Please follow listed instructions below in proper sequence as numbered.
  • Upon opening, thoroughly clean all wood surfaces with furniture polish to remove dust and dirt that may have settled onto finish during shipment.
  • Place parts on a soft cloth.


Parts and Hardware List
Insert Large Dowels (N) into bottom of Divider (C). Insert Small Dowels (M) into ends of Short Cross Bars (I). Insert Dowels (M, N) extending from Divider (C) and Short Cross Bars (I) into top of Base (D). Insert Dowels (M, N) extending from top of Short Cross Bars (I) into Magazine Cross Bar (J). See illustration #1.
Step One
Insert Large Dowels (N) into ends of Magazine Cross Bar (J) and Front and Back Cross Bars (K, W). Tighten Cam-bolts (S) into threaded holes in Left and Right Side Panels (A, B). Insert Dowels (N) extending from Front and Back Cross Bars (K, W) and Magazine Cross Bar (J) into Side Panels (A, B) while inserting Cam-bolts (S) extending from Side Panels (A, B) into sides of Base (D). Insert Hinge Pins (O) into top and bottom corners of Door (G). Insert Hinge Pins (O) extending from Door (G) into top of Base (D) and underside of Front Cross Bar (K). Insert Dowels (N) through Front and Back Cross Bars (K, W), and into top of Divider (C). Insert Cam-locks (T) into holes on underside of Base (D) with slot with screwdriver facing outward. Rotate Cam-locks (T) clockwise to secure Cam-bolts (S). Insert Machine Screws (P) through Door (G) and tighten into Handles (Q). NOTE: Front Cross Bar (K) has latches on underside. See illustration #2.
Step Two
Slide Back (F) into groove between Side Panels (A, B). See illustration #3.
Step Three
Tighten Pull (R) into edge of Tray (H). Place Tray (H) onto Left and Right Cross Bars (K, W) with vinyl cover facing upward. Tighten Cam-bolts (S) into Top (E). Insert Dowels (N) into center holes of Top (E). Insert Cam-bolts (S) and Dowels (N) extending from Top (E) into top edge of Side Panels (A, B). Insert Cam-locks (T) into holes in Side Panels (A, B) with slot for screwdriver facing upward. Rotate Cam-locks (T) clockwise to secure Cam-bolts (S). See illustration #4.
Step Four
Insert Shelf Supports (V) into Divider (C) and Left Side Panel (A). Rest Shelf (L) onto Shelf Supports (V). See illustration #5.
Step Five