Our handsome Mission Rocker is bound to be the center of attention, thanks to its luscious cherry finish, strong lines and easy-care faux leather seat. It's not often you come across a piece that's so well-constructed and stylish, yet affordable, too. Mission styling is timeless and adds warmth to your home. Assembly required. Imported hardwood. 48"H x 30.5"W x 32"D.
Mission Rocker


  • Place all wooden parts on a clean and smooth surface, such as a rug or carpet, to prevent the parts from being scratched.
  • Check to be sure you have all the parts and hardware.
  • Remove all wrapping materials, including staples and packing straps, before you begin assembly.
  • Please take the time to read all instructions carefully.


Parts and Hardware
Step One
Step Two
Step Three
Step Four
Step Five
Step Six
Step Seven
Step Eight
Step Nine