As part of our 60th Anniversary celebration in 2013 at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we welcomed the opportunity to take a look back at the history of our long standing company. We shared past products and catalogs that have helped shape who we are as a business today. One individual who has been with us throughout it all is none other than SILAS.
SYW Sign, Portland Maine

Perhaps you recognize the side profile of this colonial man from our catalogs, order forms, packaging, signage and/or social media? If not, we are pleased to introduce him to you now. Silas is the icon of a blacksmith who has represented Sturbridge since 1953.

Pictured here to the left is the sign outside of our building, here in Portland, Maine. Silas adorns the top of this sign, wearing period clothing with a wrought iron forge in one hand and a hammer in the other, traditional blacksmith tools.

A blacksmith was a respected trade in New England during Early America. Forging or welding iron metal together was ideal for producing durable and quality goods that would withstand the test of time. The appreciation for American craftsmanship and traditional goods is a quality garnered amongst our products still today.

Let's learn more about our friend Silas below.

Roots in 1953

Silas has gone through many transformations over the years, but here he is in his most classic form, on our very first catalog cover. You'll note that the iron forge he holds actually reads our initials: SYW.

Silas on 1953 Catalog Cover

Silas through the Years

Here we get a better look at the detail of this man on a 1975 catalog cover. A little color has been added to his design; he wears a red waist coat with white shirt and cravat (the ruffled neck cloth). Silas also wears traditional black breeches or trousers, a 17th-century hat and low-heeled shoes to complete his look.

Silas on 1975 Catalog Cover

Dressed up for the Holidays

The catalog covers from years past sure differ from our more recent catalogs in the 21st century, but you'll see here, even in 1994, Silas appropriately follows the times and the seasons too — in this Christmas catalog, he is depicted in a bold red, contrasting nicely with the green banner behind.

Silas on 1994 Catalog Cover

Silas in Portland, ME

We are proud to have Silas as a representation of who we are as a company, to customers both locally and internationally. If you happen to be driving on I-95 northbound in Portland, keep your eye out for SYW on your left. Here, Silas proudly decorates the outside of our warehouse and office building.

Front of Portland, Maine Building