Lucille Mini Pendant Assembly


Lucille Mini Pendant Assembly Instructions

1.) Take the lamp carefully out of the Carton,and place it on a flat surface.
2.) Be sure the power to the installation point is power off.
3.) Determine the number of Rods to be assembled to the Fixture Body according to your hanging height. Pass the Supply Wires with Ground Wire through the chosen Rods and Swivel. Thread the Rods to connect Nipple#1 and Nipple#2. Hand tighten until sung.
4.) Pass the supply wires through the Universal Bar assembly,Secure the Universal Bar to the Outlet Box with Outlet Box Screws.
5.) Place the Ceiling Canopy over the Mounting Screws and secure with Mounting Balls. Hand-tighten until snug.
6.) Connect the wires as shown.
  a.) Connect the House Ground Wire to the Fixture Ground Wire.   
  b.) Connect the House White (or Ribbed) Wire to theFixture Supply Wire (White or Ribbed Side).   
  c.) Connect the House Black (or Red) Wire to the FixtureSupply Wire (Black or Smooth Side).   
  d.) Wrap each connection with approved electrical tapeand carefully stuff all of the connected wires into the Outlet Box.
7.) Place the Glass Shade carefully. Thread the Metal Sleave onto the Socket. Then use Plastic Wrench to lock the Socket Collar to secure the Glass Shade. Hand tighten until snug.
8.) Install the Edison Bulb (Included) into the Socket until snug.