Jute is a popular material to use in home decorating, and at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, it has never looked so good. Our jute collections feature comfortable rugs, sturdy chair pads, braided placemats and striking table runners in timeless eye-catching designs. Many feature appealing country motifs that will work well with your current style, no matter how traditional or modern it may be.

Here we have gathered just a few of our favorite braided jute rugs and coordinating pieces.

Bird Nest Braided Jute Basket

Ebony Stars Braided Jute Collection

Sprinkles of bold stars accent these jute options, which are just right for setting a rustic country feel in your farmhouse or modern loft. Chair pads, accent rugs and baskets in this bold theme are especially suitable for kitchens, living rooms or dining rooms, and these well-made pieces will look great for years to come. The collection's dark, neutral tones will easily coordinate with your surrounding decor. After all, black goes with everything!

Ebony Stars Braided Jute Basket
Ebony Stars Braided Jute Accent Rug Ebony Stars Chair Pad

Bridgton Braided Jute Collection

Deep, rich colors like burgundy, black, olive, graphite and gray accent the braids in this handsome collection. Use this geometric, eye-catching rug in a bright living room to complement its colors, or place it in a den to create an overall cozy and welcoming feel. These braided items feature bold colors which work well with a neutral decorating scheme, and they won't overpower the room's subtle colors. They can also tie together colors in a room and serve as focal points in your decor. This collection would be a fine choice for primitive or Colonial homes.

Bridgton Jute Rug
Bridgton Jute Chair Pad Bridgton Jute Stair Tread

Bird Nest Braided Jute Basket Bird Nest Braided Jute Collection

Bring a little springtime inside your home with our Bird Nest Jute Collection. Contrasting braids of sage green, buff and black accent delightful imagery of robin nests and spring boughs by artist Diane Kwasnik. The earthy, warm tones would serve as a comforting backdrop in your living room decor or perfect accents in a home with a natural theme. These accents are especially appropriate for a new home, as spring nests represent home and new beginnings. The perfect housewarming gift!

Bird Nest Jute Braided Tabletop Accents Bird Nest Jute Stair Tread

Blue Hydrangea Braided Jute Collection

Who doesn't love glorious bouquets of blue hydrangea on their kitchen table? We've captured the beauty of these flowers in our Blue Hydrangea Jute Collection, kitchen accents which will bring a touch of charm and summer's grace to your table. Contrasting braids of rich blue and black frame beautiful imagery of hydrangea in full bloom. An instant elegant country look for your kitchen or dining room table that will be sure to draw compliments from guests.

Blue Hydrangea Jute Table Runner Blue Hydrangea Jute Trivet

Country Gold Braided Jute Collection

 The simple design and understated colors of the Country Gold Jute Collection add a soft backdrop of earthy color in your decor. This collection would work across a wide range of decor styles, from primitive to contemporary, and never overpower the other elements in the room. These accents would be excellent focal points in homes with a neutral decor. The colors of earth, sand, coffee and wheat are easy on the eyes and bring a relaxing, comforting feel to a room.

Country Gold Round Braided Jute Rug
Country Gold Jute Stair Tread Country Gold Jute Chair Pad

Mermaid Round Jute Braided Rug Mermaid Braided Jute Collection

Whether you live in a seaside cottage or just dream of living in one, the whimsical Mermaid Braided Jute Collection will speak to your seafaring spirit. In this artwork by Phyllis Stevens, a charming mermaid bears a sea star adorned with colorful seaweed, surrounded by a thick border of braids in colors of deep green, sand and turquoise. These bold accents are strong enough to make a real statement without overpowering. Mermaids also symbolize the good things in life like love, beauty and irrestible charm — all wonderful things to have in any home!

Mermaid Braided Jute Hearth Rug Mermaid Braided Jute Trivet

Cranberry Braided Jute Collection

 Nothing says New England like the bright red cranberry. In this collection, we celebrate these native berries of the north, which are displayed in winding vines around these accents. The design, by artist Harry M. Smith, is set off by a striking border of deep red, tan and sage braids. These accents are perfect for a holiday table or year-round decor. Fill a basket with goodies for an extra-special gift the recipient will be sure to treasure.

Cranberry Jute Braided Tabletop Accents
Cranberry Jute Chair Pad Cranberry Jute Braided Basket

Rooster Braided Jute Collection

The rooster is a popular theme throughout country homes in America. And why not? This plucky, colorful bird adds instant charm and color everywhere he goes, and is a mainstay of decor styles like French Country. Our Rooster Braided Jute Collection is no exception. This cheery symbol of life on the farm is surrounded by a contrasting black and cream braided border to create accents that are truly outstanding — just like the rooster himself. Artist Sandy Clough.

Rooster Jute Rug Rooster Jute Chair Pad

Blueberry Basket Placemat Blueberry Braided Jute Collection

The colorful blueberry is one of the true iconic symbols of Maine — and most of us can't resist picking a few of these delicious berries every year. In this artwork by Harry M. Stevens, we see a basket of these native berries that fill our countryside in the summer months. Our Blueberry Braided Jute Collection celebrates the blueberry in luscious color, accented with cream and light blue for depth and a striking appearance. With this wonderful collection, you'll get to enjoy that Maine summer feeling all year long.

Blueberry Vine Stair Tread Blueberry Accent Rug

Ocean Breeze Braided Jute Collection

Celebrate the colors of the sea with our Ocean Breeze Braided Jute Collection. Deep water blue, aqua, sand and seagrass colors blend together in harmony to create a wonderful oceanic backdrop for your decor. The cooling colors bring feelings of peace and harmony to a room — a necessity in a noisy household. Take a trip to the beach without leaving home!

Ocean Breeze Jute Accent Rug Ocean Breeze Jute Stair Tread

Barn Star Braided Jute Collection

 Bold color and design give these accents a starring role in your decor, pun intended. Contrasting braids of rust, black, sage, cream and gold offer a wealth of hues to incorporate into a room's color scheme. The crow is an ever-popular theme in primitive decor and calls to mind autumn cornfields. Use these bold accents in your living room or den to automatically give it a homey look and primitive feel. Artist Susan Burd.

Crow & Barn Stars Rug
Barn Star Jute Stair Tread