Here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we celebrate early American heritage by offering historically inspired tabletop accents, chair pads, quilts and throws. For warmth, comfort and versatile designs, nothing compares to the options we have.

American Roots

Though found in ancient Egyptian tombs and ancient China (5,000 years ago!), patchwork quilting in colonial America was a way to pass down family and heritage in a practical way. Time-consuming to hand stitch, quilts were cherished gifts reserved for newlyweds and newborns. Patterns varied, representing different elements of nature, love and family. With the introduction of textile mills and new fabrics, the popularity of patchwork dimmed, but was revived during the Great Depression, when again, practicality and resourcefulness were king. 

English Garden Quilt Set

The Americana Garden Patchwork Quilt Set is a classic patchwork quilt with handcrafted appeal that adds farmhouse charm to any bedroom. Bright squares of navy, sand, toffee, wine and rose form an early Americana look that resembles authentic quilts from that time period.

Our Apothecary Quilt Collection features quilted stitching resembling patterns found on antique tin ceilings and is available in a number of colors to fit your style.

Americana Garden Patchwork Quilt Set
Apothecary Quilt Collection Detail Americana Garden Patchwork Quilt Set

Cardinal Toile Table Runner Timeless Toile

Origins of toile patterns can be traced back to Ireland in the mid-18th century, but the term itself came after it grew in popularity across Great Britain and France. The full name is Toile de Jouy, which translates to "cloth from Jouy-en-Josas." Jouy-en-Josas is a town just southwest of Paris, France in which the first factory to produce toile was started. What makes toile stand out among other intricate patterns is the white or off-white background enhanced by a repeating complex scene. Typically, these scenes depict garden parties, pastoral life or flower arrangements. Toile is perfect for decorating a country bedroom, especially one in French country style, but makes a timeless statement in any home.
Blue Dusk Quilted Placemat Black Country Toile Throw Blanket

Timeless Style

Non-quilted options can have just as much historical appeal as their quilted counterparts. Ticking fabrics can be traced back to the first mattresses, which we know were filled with either straw or feathers. These fabrics were tightly woven to prevent the straw or any quills from poking through. While this functionality isn't required for our modern mattresses and furniture, our made in Maine Freeport Ticking Stripe Throw will offer the same comfort and durability as those from the past. Spruce up your living room with classic colors such as country blue, traditional cream or tan, and think about texture, tassels and fringe for enhancing the decorative appeal of each piece.

Freeport Ticking Stripe Blanket Mabel Ticking Bedding