Horses are a longstanding symbol of strength, stability and loyalty. Whether you are a seasoned horse rider, farmer or animal lover, you know that horse decor at your home or ranch can evoke an inviting feel and timeless memories.

We at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop also love horse-themed decor in many styles and are happy to share some of our favorites with you.

Horse in the Pasture Pillow
White Horse Lamp Horse Pull Toy

White Horse Farm Print Christmas is Coming Print
Be Still Print


Majestic Horse Wall Art

Showcase your love for all things equine with a variety of striking horse-themed prints. The stunning imagery creates a country focal point in a living room or in a child's room. You'll find a horse-inspired print to fit any season, from the purity of winter's chill to autumn's full splendor, including many new designs by your favorite artists.  

Horse Barn Print Horse Buggy Print

Mare and Foal Pillow Springtime on the Farm Doormat
Iron Horse Lamp Finial

Timeless Horse Displays

Add a conversation piece to your home or a barn with our Horse or Galloping Horse weather vanes, both offering antique charm as well as a look of nobility. The Iron Horse Lamp Finial and Bronzed Horse Table Lamp add antique appeal to any indoor space and remind us of special memories from our childhood.

The Springtime on the Farm Doormat, designed by artist ©Susan Winget, is a timeless reminder of the sweet, gentle nature of this animal. You can find the coordinating pillow, as well as the new Flowers on the Farm horse home accents by clicking here

Metal Horse Wall Basket Galloping Horse Weather Vane

Wrought Iron Horse Toilet Tissue Holder Wrought Iron Welcome Sign

Wrought Iron Horse Accents

Add instant country charm with horse-themed decorative accents crafted from sturdy wrought iron. Iron is used for many purposes, including napkin holders and fire stokers, and has a welcome spot in any rustic country homestead. Accent your home with these striking wrought iron tissue and napkin holders, or hang wall hooks that will keep towels, bags and coats neat and orderly. These accents are also available in other designs so you can fill your home with farm animal decor.

Personalized Wrought Iron House Sign
Wrought Iron Horse Napkin Holder Small Wrought Iron Horse Wall Hook