Our Exclusive USA-made Chairs

Good Things Are Worth the Wait


Sturbridge Yankee Workshop is proud to offer our exclusive USA-made chairs, in support of our nation’s businesses and their employees. Our vendors take deep pride in the quality of their products, crafted with durability and beauty that stand the test of time.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for these companies, affecting everything from production to shipments. And while their commitment to the customer is unwavering, the pandemic has presented unique challenges that have interfered with the ability to produce and deliver quality products on schedule.

At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we will always be committed to delivering our quality exclusive chairs as quickly as possible. During this challenging time, however, we have been experiencing significant delays — as long as 12 weeks. Though our vendors may feel the pressure to deliver their products sooner, their commitment to the quality of their products is unwavering, as excellence cannot be rushed.

To facilitate this process, orders will be prepaid and entered into production once the payment and signed freight letter are received.

We understand that waiting for your shipment may be frustrating. But we ask for your patience during this challenging time. And we will stand by our promise to bring you our exclusive, comfortable chairs that you have grown to love.