Decorative and versatile in an antiqued black finish, the Fort Hill Pendant adds classic ornamental lighting to your room. Use the single pendant to highlight your dining table or hang multiples to make a decorative statement above a breakfast bar or in a dim hallway. Professional installation recommended.100W bulb. Includes a 48" adjustable metal chain, 82" cord, and ceiling plate. 15" diameter shade.
Fort Hill Pendant



  • 1. Slide the steel shade over the socket, then secure it with socket ring.
  • 2. Thread the lock nut and washer onto the nipple in order, and thread the canopy chain loop onto the other end of nipple; then assemble the nipple through the center mounting hole on the crossbar well, and lock it in place by hex nut.
  • 3. Install the crossbar onto the outlet box using 2 outlet screws.
  • 4. Determine the length of the chain you needed, then using a pair of pliers to disconnect the extra chair and put it away.
  • 5. Using pliers, open one end link of the chain, and connect to the fixture loop, then close it.
  • 6. Open the other end link of the chair, and connect it to the canopy chain loop.
  • 7. Slide the canopy lock ring & ceiling canopy over the chain in order.
  • 8. Weave the fixture wires through each link of the chain until it passes through the nipple.
  • 9. Attach ground wire to the house ground wire by using a wire connector (or attach them to the crossbar with a green ground screw).
  • 10. Connect the neutral wires from house and fixture together using wire connector well.
  • 11. Connect the live wires from house and fixture together using wire connector well.
  • 12. Tuck all wire connections into the outlet box neatly.
  • 13. Lift up the ceiling canopy, and let it cover the outbox well, then using canopy lock ring to secure it in place.


Assembly diagram