Cottage Rocker & Table Hammock Swing Set

Sit Back & Relax

When it's time to kick back and relax outdoors, we've got exactly what you need to create an outdoor oasis where you can escape and enjoy the fresh air. The right type of seating can add to your enjoyment of the surrounding scenery.

Unfinished Adirondack Rocker

One of the most pleasant things to do when there's time to relax is to sit on the porch and watch the world go by, chat with family and friends or read a good book. The sun is shining, birds are chirping and the weather is perfect. Moments like these are even better when you have a cozy seat to lounge in. And, if you're into country cozy, one of the best seats for sitting on your porch is the classic rocking chair — a favorite chair style for over 100 years and counting. It's easy to slip into a relaxed, back and forth rhythm, daydreaming the time away. That's what makes these furniture pieces so appealing — and why they're usually the first chair occupied.

Another type of seating that never seems to go out of style is the old-fashioned porch swing. This "floating bench" seems to just make for easy conversation between its occupants, who will find themselves swinging gently as they chat about the weather and other topics. No matter what you are seeking — rocking chairs, porch swings or classic Adirondack chairs — you'll find cozy seating options at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop.

Teak Double Rocking Chair

Gardens and backyards are other outdoor places where seating makes a big difference in how you experience these settings. With a little ingenuity, you can quickly transform any yard into a serene getaway, right outside your home. Stroll outdoors on a beautiful day and enjoy the greenery from your perch on an outdoor bench. The flowers and greenery are beautiful and your serenity is enhanced by the relaxing sound of a nearby water fountain. If you can envision this tranquil scene, browse our collection of outdoor furniture and functional accent pieces to find just what you need to create a little slice of outdoor heaven.

Porch Swing Lotus Flower Garden Fountain

Iron Birds on Wire Planter Watering Can Rain Chain

Outdoor Accents

If you don't have a garden, consider introducing some outdoor fun and beauty in your yard with potted plants, rain chains and whimsical accents. You may have some plants that have weathered the winter indoors and they're ready for some sunshine and fresh air. A plant stand can also serve as a lovely focal point in the corner of the porch or deck, at the center of a patio or near a fence entry. Consider our Owl or Watering Can rain chains for a pleasurable sonic backdrop while you relax in your yard or add a touch of amusement with one of our whimsical garden stakes like the Old Crows Balancer Buddies Garden Stake

Old Crows Balancer Buddies Garden Stake
You can also incorporate functional outdoor decor that mimics the plants and flowers growing naturally.
Our Daisy Blossom Solar Light Stake is a perfect option, and it complements the Blossom Solar Lights, too. 
Pink Hydrangea Solar Blossom Stake Iris Solar Light Stake

Lotus Flower Garden Fountain width= Owen Owl Garden Statuary
Hummingbird Weather Vane

Stake Your Style Statement, Create a Fantasy

When it comes to small decorative accents, herb markers are a great place to start. These markers are not just for your raised bed garden — they can also accent your potted plants, both indoors and out. These herb markers make a delightful stylish statement when on display, as well as serving the practical purpose of identifying what you've planted. Other stake options that will add a charming accent to your yard include the Welcome to my Garden Sign and the Hummingbird Weather Vane, which are both functional and decorative. Add liquid music with the Lotus Flower Garden Fountain or create an owl "sanctuary" with the Owen Owl Garden Statuary and other owl accents. 

Herb Marker Welcome to my Garden Sign

Trio of Birds Bird Feeder Bluebird Birdhouse

For the Birds

You may find that more than just your friends and family will join you in your backyard. Returning birds may thrive in your outdoor space as well. Offer a feathered friend a spa retreat with the Fisherman Sundial Birdbath, perfect for spreading love to your avian friends all year long. Provide a cozy abode they can call home. These options offer a clever way to decorate your yard while adjusting to the needs of the wildlife who come to visit year round.

Catsella Bird Feeder
Horse Mesh Bird Feeder Wrental Birdhouse

Outdoor Thermometers and Timepieces

No matter what time of year it is, you can always enjoy a decorative thermometer that will either tell you how nice it is outside or whether you would be happier indoors. Our selection of thermometers includes handcrafted pieces or those with inspirational messages — even some that double as clocks. We also have a selection of whimsically designed sundials, which always give an outdoor space a classic — dare we say it — timeless look. 

Pineapple Thermometer Clock
Fisherman Sundial Birdbath Sailboat Sundial Birdbath