Mirror, mirror on the wall, make your home the fairest of them all. Mirrors make rooms look larger, bring light into dark corners, and let you glance at your hair on the way out the door. Mirrors can be hung on a wall or be propped on a bookshelf or vanity, while others are free-standing.

Let's take a look at our top reasons why you should have mirrors in every room of your home, and some of our tips on displaying them.


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Mirrors offer the sensation that a room is larger and deeper than it actually is. When used effectively, mirrors can create the illusion that a room has doubled in size. This is particularly helpful for dining and living spaces that feel cramped.

Mirrors Are Focal Points

Create a point of interest by reflecting the twinkling light of a chandelier. Add dimension to a bedroom by leaning a large mirror against a wall at an angle. This creates an interesting view in an otherwise static space.

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Mirrors Reflect Better Views

If your home desk is facing a boring blank wall and the view to your gorgeous garden is behind you, place a mirror in front of your desk so that you can look at your garden even when facing the wall.

Mirrors Are Art

Hang several decorative mirrors together just as you would picture frames to create a stylish display. Be sure to keep the mirror size proportionate to the wall space, just as you would with framed artwork.

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Use a tilting mirror on your dresser or nightstand to help you get ready in the morning. Decorative options are particularly useful for setting a décor style in a room. Choose a mirror that you love and it will be easy to keep your room's decorating theme complementary.

Reflect Your Style

A stunning, stylish mirror on your wall can help you keep a room’s décor cohesive. Use candles, creative lighting or decorative accents in front of the mirror to reflect color and light

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Best Places for Mirrors

Home decorators often say the same thing: mirrors work wonders in entryways and dining rooms! Bring light into a dark dining area, which is especially helpful during large gatherings. Entryway mirrors make it easy to make a final check on your way out the door.

Special Effects

Try using a mirror to reflect light up a staircase, to target a houseplant that is currently in the dark. Tilt a mirror just so to view your favorite artwork from the kitchen. Choose your own frame to place a custom mirror in, selected to suit your own style.

Finally, don't underestimate the floor-length mirror! It's not only useful to check your personal look each morning — it's also a great option for special effects, adding an artistic touch in an empty space.

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