You don’t need to have a traditional library or home office to display your favorite books (although those rooms will likely be on our dream house wish list). Simple home accents and a little creativity is all you need — and decorative bookends can provide a beautiful way to display your most-prized titles.

At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we have many options to help you organize your precious tomes while complementing your current home décor. Take a look at our bookend selection below. 

Sitting Rabbit Bookends
Heart & Arrow Bookends Guilded Bunny Bookends

Wrought Iron Moose Bookends Wrought Iron Rooster Bookends

Wrought Iron

All of our bookends prove that you don't have to sacrifice style for sturdiness — and this is especially true of our Wrought Iron Bookend Collection. The bookends' durable iron construction allows these items to be used on a porch or even outdoors. Choose your favorite silhouette to complement your home decor — Rooster, Cat, Star or Moose. And we're proud to say that these bookends are also made in the USA.

Wrought Iron Star Bookends Wrought Iron Cat Bookends

Puppy Bookends



 Showcase just one pair or collect all three! These adorable watchdogs add a whimsical touch to your decor while guarding your prized reading material. These bookends have a distressed finish, giving them rustic charm, and you may find that they remind you of someone special that you know. 

Westie Bookends Jack Russell Bookends

The List Goes On

Need more? We have bookends that will fit in with every style of decor, be it a coastal theme, an industrial look or the whimsical decor of a child's room. Our Bookend Lamp provides ultimate style and function, offering storage and lighting for your reading nook. Bookends truly are one of the most fun and fanciful functional accents for your home, so enjoy the imaginative appeal they offer to your favorite reading space and open up a good book!

Bookend Lamp
Whale Bookends Bicycle Bookends