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Bring a peaceful sense of serenity to the most relaxing spaces in your home by decorating seating areas with blue throw pillows. We admire blue because it reminds us of the sky and the ocean. The color blue also has a positive effect on emotions, inspiring feelings of calm and tranquility. Decorating sofas and chairs with blue pillows is an easy way to create a more relaxing home environment.

Types of Blue Throw Pillows

Standard Square. The most predominant throw pillow shape is square and most square decorative pillows range in size from 14 inches to 20 inches. When you think about it, the square shape makes sense because it resembles a picture frame, another common sight in many living rooms and indoor seating areas.

Oversized. Bigger throw pillows in the 24- to 26-inch range are considered oversized and they are usually square-shaped, but some are rectangular. While comfortable, their large size can dominate a pillow arrangement on a couch, and they may be too large for some chairs. Some styles are designed to be used as floor pillows.

Lumbar. This pillow style is recognized by its rectangular shape and is often associated with providing support for the lower back. Lumbar pillows are also used for decorative purposes, adding another size dimension to an attractive pillow display.

Round. Although not as popular as square and rectangular styles, the round pillow makes a charming shape contrast for square and rectangular cushions.

Decorative Blue Pillow Styles

Blue is one of the most popular shades in pillow design, and this color appears in both light and dark blue hues on countless pillow styles.

Solid blue. Plain pillows come in a wide array of blue colors, and you can find everything from bright blue to navy blue to turquoise. This style can feature the same color of blue on both sides, two contrasting solid blue colors on opposite sides or blue and another color on opposite sides.

Stripes. Stripe pattern pillows are among the most popular pattern styles, and blue and white stripes have a clean, orderly, nautical look that is always appealing. Blue stripes can also appear with stripes in colors of red, grey or green.

Florals. Blue flowers are beautiful when printed on pillows, and these designs can be inspired by nature's floral bounty or used as a cool shade for any floral design. Often, the blue is enhanced by complementary colors of green, brown, purple, pink or white.

Characters. Decorative pillows featuring birds, animals and human characters sometimes feature shades of blue in the design. For instance, a pillow can feature a bird with blue feathers, or a figure is featured on a blue background.

Scenic. The scenic pillow often depicts images such as an outdoor nature scene and the theme can be anything from a day at the beach to a countryside setting. The sky, water or flowers in such scenes can be blue or various shades of blue.

Cotton denim. Covered in blue denim, this casual pillow has a laidback style.

Geometric. Blue geometric pillow designs have an energizing effect on pillow arrangements. They are also considered modern and look great with stripes and solid colors. Blue and white are very common for these designs, but some designs feature multiple colors.

Chevron. The zigzag pattern of the chevron pillow has a classy, timeless appeal that works for many different decorative room themes.

Text. Blue text on a white or light-colored background is what makes this style of pillow so unique.

Fur. For those who love funky pillows, the shaggy blue fur pillow is the coolest.

Pleated. Chic and beautiful, this pillow style features prominent pleats. The pleats usually appear in the middle or dominate the entire pillow design. Colors tend to be solid.

Paisley. This design has both vintage and modern appeal, and paisley prints often feature two different blue shades. Additional colors may be cream, gold, red, purple, green or white.

Patchwork. Country style patchwork pillow styles often feature blue as a prominent color in various ways. Several shades of blue may appear on the same pillow, enhancing its visual variety.

Plaid. The blue plaid pillow is a classic that makes any space feel cozier. It's a natural fit for rustic spaces.

Scrollwork. Blue scrollwork pillows feature elegant scrolling patterns in various shades of blue. Other featured colors may be white, light gray or pale yellow.

Southwestern motif. These tribal pattern motifs are inspired by traditional southwestern designs. Light, medium or navy blue may be prominently featured.

Arrangements for Blue Throw Pillows

Making the most of your decorative blue throw pillows requires some thought to creating appealing arrangements to enhance a room's décor. By following some simple design ideas, you can easily achieve a harmonious look.

Light blue and dark blue. Pair light blue and dark blue pillows of different sizes together.

Solids and patterns. Mix two or three different blue pillow patterns together to create an unexpected visual delight.

Floral mixing. Find pretty blue floral pillows that complement each other and arrange them however you like.

Florals and animal print. Go a bit wild and combine a leopard print with blue floral patterns and see what happens.

Solid, plaid and floral mix. This exciting visual combination can feature several shades of blue.

Dark blue focal point. Place one dark blue pillow in the middle of the sofa for dramatic impact. This can also be done with chairs.