Curtains come in many shapes, sizes and materials. They add depth and charm to your stylish decor, especially when you use coordinating curtain collections. At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we have a variety of collections to complement your country home decor, from rustic or primitive to elegant sophistication. 

Here are some of our current and classic curtain offerings that will amplify the appeal of your windows, as well as each individual room.

Adrienne Tie Up Valance

Signs Of Spring Curtain Collection

The Signs of Spring Curtains bring to cheer to any room (especially a country kitchen!) no matter the season.These delightful window dressings are not just stylish; they are perfect for any budget, too. They feature sweet images of spring flowers, songbirds and gardening tools — just the thing to get you back into your gardening routine. The light background makes each colorful image pop,

Signs Of Spring Curtain Collection
Signs Of Spring Curtain Collection Folk Lace Tier

Embroidered Spring Curtain Collection

Speaking of spring, we also offer an embroidered floral curtain collection that is perfect for the season of fresh blooms and growing gardens. The two color options (detail of Red shown below) feature delicate flowers that give any window a pop of color without overwhelming the room. The light, easy care polyester fabric accentuates the vibrant charm of the embroidery, too. 

Embroidered Spring Curtain Collection Detail

Sturbridge Plaid Border Star Curtains

Sturbridge Plaid

We love country plaid — and it shows. This timeless curtain collection, featuring our Sturbridge Plaid Tiers, Panels, Swags, Valances, Shower Curtain and Chair Pad, will dress your home in classic style and enhance the charm of your country home furnishings.

The Button Valance features ticking stripes and button details that give it a tailored look. Our Sturbridge Plaid window dressings look beautiful over lace and sheer curtains and are just as appealing when used alone. 

Sturbridge Plaid Prairie Swag Sturbridge Plaid Gathered Swag

Priscilla Curtain Collection

For no-fuss window dressings with a little frill, our Priscilla Curtain Collection is the best choice. These curtains are made from fresh white easy care polyester, and they brighten any space in your home. This collection is Ideal for bedrooms, kitchens and family or formal rooms. The tiers, panels and valance are quite versatile and are perfect for layering over other solid curtains or for pairing with lace curtains. 

Priscilla Curtain Collection

Grandview Curtain Collection

Grandview Curtain Collection

Tone-on-tone yarns make this polyester curtain collection really shine in any room. The exquisite jacquard pattern offers timeless appeal and the fabric is perfectly weighted to complement any season. The Panels and Valance are available in six colors, enabling you to find the perfect match for your decor. 

Each piece is also machine washable, so you can conveniently clean them after each season. 

Grandview Curtain Collection Grandview Curtain Collection