Our handsome slat-back Cottage Rocker and coordinating end table complete your casual living space, indoors or out. Sturdy ash and hickory construction and weather-resistant finish ensure years of enjoyment. Assembly required. Cushion sold separately. USA. Choice of Black, Green, Red, Stain, Walnut, or White. 43.5"H x 25"W x 30"D. Cottage Rocker


  • For best results pre-assemble all parts before using any glue.
  • If any piece of the rocking chair doesn't fit well, use sand paper to lightly sand until desired fit is achieved.
  • Please take the time to read and follow the assembly instructions carefully.
  • Please wipe clean with a damp cloth.
Cottage Rocker Parts
Parts and Tools List
Step One:
Lay rocking chair back (A) flat on floor with 6 pre-drilled holes facing up. Apply glue to 4 bottom holes. Swirl glue around in hole for best coverage. Insert 2 side spindles (D) without pre-drilled holes in the lowest holes on the base of rocking chair. Insert the 2 side spindles (D-1) with pre-drilled holes in the middle holes on the back. Angle the spindles toward the outside of the chair. Note: Chair front is wider than chair back, spindles must be at these angles.
Step One
Step Two:
Apply glue to all holes in chair front (B). Place chair front (B) onto side spindles. Tap down on chair front (B) with rubber mallet.
Step Two
Step Three:
Position seat (C) into place. (Upper spindles may need to be rotated so that when a screw is placed in the pre-drilled holes, it will make contact with the bottom of the seat.) Before inserting screws, use a drill with 1/8" drill bit to start a guide hole, through the pre-drilled holes, into the bottom of the seat. Place four 1.5" screws into pre-drilled holes in upper side spindles to secure seat. Hold seat in place while tightening screws. **Use caution with a power screwdriver so as not to over tighten, causing the wood to split.
Step Three
Step Four:
Establish front of runners. Turn chair assembly on side. Apply glue to holes in the tops of rocker runners (E). Place one rocker runner onto chair front (B) first, then chair back (A). Use rubber mallet to adjust distance between legs, if needed. Repeat with other rocker runner (E). Use a hammer to drive nail into inside of runner at each leg until flush with runner surface.
Step Four
Step Five:
Set Rocking Chair up on runners. Apply glue to narrow end of arm and front hole on bottom of arm (F-L, F-R). Place arm into hole in chair back (A) and onto chair front (B). Use rubber mallet to adjust distance between arms, if needed. Repeat with other arm.
Step Five
Step Six:
Use a drill with 1/8" drill bit to start a guide hole, through the pre-drilled holes into the inside front arms. Place one 3/4" screw into each arm front. MAKE SURE ARMS ARE PRESSED DOWN TIGHT ONTO CHAIR FRONT (B) BEFORE TIGHTENING SCREWS.

Use a drill with 1/8" drill bit to start a guide hole, through the pre-drilled holes on the back of the chair, into the arms. Place one 3/4" screw into pre-drilled holes in chair back (A) to secure each arm. Wipe off any excess glue with damp cloth.
Step Six
Step Seven:
Wait eight to ten hours for glue to dry completely before using your rocker. You will then be ready to use your rocker for many years to come.