How to Choose the Best Throw Pillows for Your Couch

Looking for a way to add a splash of visual interest and decorative appeal to your seating areas? Decorative pillows are a quick way to achieve both goals, and they come in a vast array of colors, patterns and sizes for endless decorative possibilities. In fact, there are so many choices that you may find yourself wondering what styles to pick for your couch, loveseat, chair or lounger. This guide aims to help you sort it all out.

Get Out of the Exact Matching Box

In the past, most people were accustomed to the idea that the best throw pillows were those that perfectly matched the color and fabric of the couch. While this made choosing throw pillows relatively easy, it's also quite boring from a visual standpoint. Thankfully, you no longer have to follow those stodgy exact match rules, so get ready to make some creative choices that can instantly energize your seating area.

Look for Interesting Patterns

Contemporary decorative pillows and throw pillow sets come in a nice array of bold patterns that typically incorporate a theme. For instance, floral patterns are always popular, and boldness may come in the form of bright flowers on a neutral background or a vibrant background. Other interesting patterns to keep an eye out for are polka dots and stripes (perennial favorites), zigzag, patchwork and various geometric shapes. Oh, and you can still find animal print pillows mimicking the look of leopards, cows and zebras.

Country and rustic Americana patterns are ideal for rooms with those décor themes. Rustic pillow patterns often feature the stars and stripes or charming images of animals, flower arrangements, birds, barns and nostalgic scenes.

Consider Bold, Vibrant Colors

Colors that are bold and vibrant really make your seating areas pop with visual appeal. They also create a nice contrast for seating that is likely to be in a neutral tone. There's no need to stick with same-color pillows unless you're going for a monochromatic look. Color livens up any neutral backdrop. However, you want to make sure you use bold colors wisely. Too much of a good thing may look tacky. Strong colors include navy, burgundy, red, green, orange, pink and yellow. Bright blue hues such as turquoise also stand out. These colors can be solid or part of a pattern.

Add Excitement with Different Textures

Want to add more depth to your pillow arrangements? Choose a selection of throw pillows with a mixture of textures. Fabric textures range from silky smooth to cottony to soft fur. There are pillows with a wooly texture and those made from natural burlap. Alternatively, you can glamorize your sofa with sparkling beaded pillows or ones featuring fabric made to look like flower petals. Texture gives you more ways to make your couch something extra special.

Ideas for Arranging Throw Pillows

Now that you have some ideas for finding different types of decorative pillows, it's time to look at ways in which you can spice up your pillow arrangements. Below are a few tips you can use to freshen the appeal of your pillow themes.

Neutral Couch and Vibrant Pillows

Couches that come in neutral shades provide a blank canvas for all sorts of colorful pillows. Common neutral shades include white, black, brown, beige and grey. These color tones look great with a wide range of pillow colors, so you have plenty of options for vibrancy. Let's use the example of an oatmeal-colored couch with cream and tan being major room colors. What pillows work well with these colors?

Start by picking a basic color that you like. For instance, let's say you decide you want blue decorative pillows for the couch. Now it's just a matter of choosing color hue. Turquoise is a color of blue that works well with your oatmeal couch, and so you decide to go with decorative pillows that prominently feature this color. Great choice. You can find appealing color matches for many neutral sofas. Just be sure that the vibrant colors look pleasing to the eye instead of garish. Alternate same-set pillows by mixing sets and singles together to avoid too much monotony.

Decorating with Fun Textures

As you browse for throw pillows, you may find several you like in a texture that isn't the standard cotton or polyester material. Perhaps you have your eye on a navy velvet pillow that fits in with your room décor, but the texture is different than existing pillows. That's alright. You can feature a special pillow like this by placing it in the center of the couch bordered by other pillows. You may decide to buy several velvet pillows to alternate with other pillow textures, or you can place it in a chair as a single pillow. Couches look better when you give your best textured pillows a starring role in your arrangements.

Pillow Pattern Mixing

Don't be shy about mixing things up when it comes to pillow patterns. Feel free to create a theme by mixing those funky throw pillows together, even if patterns are drastically different. The key is to make it all look random while following a specific theme. For instance, your bohemian casual pillows can be a mixture of floral patterns with green and blue colors tying them together.

Another chic look can be created by mixing geometric patterns and florals together. Let's go back to our blue colors. You might choose two different navy blue and white patterns to mix with geometric and floral pillows in turquoise. One pillow has pink flowers for added vibrancy. Or you can go even bolder by mixing animal prints, geometric prints and bold floral prints together. Whatever you choose, pillow colors and patterns should blend naturally with room décor and your interior design theme.

Mixing Pillow Sizes

Not only can you mix patterns and colors, but you can also mix different sizes of pillows together. This includes small to large sizes while also throwing rectangular decorative pillows into the mix.