Frame your living spaces and provide a sense of warmth underfoot with the quality craftsmanship and timeless style of Sturbridge Yankee Workshop's braided rug collections.

Whether you are looking for traditional colonial, easy care washable, durable wool or eco-friendly jute, we have dozens of styles, colors and materials for every room in your home. For other braided home accents, browse our rug collections, which include Chair Pads, Stair Treads and other items, here

American Legacy Braided Rug

Braided Rug Collections
Striped Festival Rug Hickory Heather Braided Rug

Americana Braided Rug


Choosing your rug color is largely a matter of personal preference. Keep the following in mind as you shop: coordinate with the color of your walls rather than your upholstery. Most people update their furniture more often than their wall color, so consider tying together the color scheme with a few throw pillows. Lighter colors open up a room, bright colors add pizzazz and make small spaces feel larger, while rugs with deeper hues (navy, burgundy or black) create a cozier feel. Establishing a common color that ties elements together makes it much easier to shop, and it also keeps your options open when you purchase furniture, curtains and other home elements in the future.
Boston Common Braided Rug Portico Cablelock Braided Rug Collection


Most room-sized rugs look better when they are "framed" by one or two feet of flooring on all sides. This approach ensures that the rug is the focal point of the room. Leaving space on all sides of large rugs also makes it easier to roll up the rug and remove it for cleaning.

Protection and Safety

Rug Liners substantially add to the life of your braided rug and are quality investments. A rug liner also helps keep the rug from slipping and protects the flooring underneath from scratches. We highly recommend a rug liner when you purchase a rug. Stair Tread Liners are also available, to prevent slipping and displacement on your staircases. 

Allure Braided Rug Collection
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Jute Braided Rug


In the past few years, braided rug materials have transitioned from the traditional all wool or all cotton styles into the realm of synthetics. The right choice will depend on how much foot traffic you expect in a given room and, of course, your personal preference.

The Jute Braided Rug is constructed of 100% natural jute fibers. Long-lasting and biodegradeable braids create an inviting space, welcome guests and offer colorful flooring all in one.

Heritage Braided Rugs II

Easy Care Braided Rugs

For high traffic areas and homes with kids and pets, you can't beat the ease and durability of our polypropylene braided rugs.

Sturbridge, Heritage, and Old Orchard all have coordinating stair treads and chair pads for an ultimate complementary look and easy care maintenance. To clean, take rugs outside and simply wash them down with a garden hose. Lay flat to dry and your braided rug will provide a pop of color in any room's framework for years to come. Keep your braided rugs clean by vacuuming and washing them regularly to ensure that they will last as long as possible.


Cotton Blend Braided Rugs

These braided rugs are made from a cotton blend which enhances their durability. The Distant Circles Braided Rug features a unique circled design, while our McKenna Collection combines fabric and corded braids. Browse through our website and you will find a cotton blend rug that suits your style. We recommend only professional cleaning for these durable rugs.

Rustic Diamond Braided Rug
McKenna Braided Rug Collection Distant Circles Braided Rug

Yankee Wool Blend Braided Rugs


Wool Braided Rugs

Wool's all natural fibers are superior in terms of durability and their ability to hold beautiful, richly dyed colors. Vibrant colors like deep golds, rich reds, and true black will enrich your home. These beautiful rugs are soft underfoot and guaranteed to last for years. Choose ovals or rectangles to fit any room (we have plenty of sizes and styles to choose from!). Whichever color you choose, we are sure that you will be impressed by these rugs. We recommend only professional cleaning for wool and wool blends.

American Legacy Braided Rug

Keepsake Wool Braided Rug