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Man of Many Talents

Billy Jacobs was born in Detroit but spent most of his childhood in Ohio with four older sisters and one younger brother. Creative from the very beginning, he is a self-taught artist who has many artistic ventures to keep him busy. After working for over 20 years in the craft and gift industry, he came to know a thing or two about folk art style. Currently, Billy uses a variety of paint mediums and even has worked with digital forms. In addition to being a great artist, he also uses his time for creating imaginative fonts, songwriting and puppetry.

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Amish Star Barn Print

Versatile Range

At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we have a large collection of Billy Jacobs artwork from charming to primitive and everything in between. It is a true testament to the skills of an artist when you can look at two prints side by side, see their similarities, and also see how much of a range the artist has. Looking at Billy Jacobs' range of artwork, it is easy to see how one print can evoke completely different emotions from another, all while staying true to his unique style. From Americana inspired scenes to true pastoral and country imagery, you're sure to find a Billy Jacobs piece that complements your home. 

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