Adeline Halvorson

Adeline knew at an early age that she wanted to be an artist. She had a rural upbringing which exposed her to animals and perfect landscapes on a daily basis. After years of riding and grooming her one true love, and what became her favorite animal, the horse, Adeline truly came to understand the anatomy and muscle movement of the horse. This has allowed her to paint exquisite detail and life-like images of all types of animals, including the cats seen here, but especially the equine subject matter.

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Her breathtaking and detailed paintings are part of numerous corporate collections across America. In 2001, Adeline was featured in Country Women Magazine. She is the also recipient of a long list of awards, recognizing her artistic talent. In 2009, she received the "Best in Show Flatwork" and "Artist's Choice" awards at the Calgary Exhibition & Stampede Art Auction, and  the "People's Choice Award" at the Art of the West Show.

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Adeline Halvorson spends a large portion of her time researching and creating new artwork for the many vendors and collections she contributes to. Adeline notes that she has developed her own unique techniques over the years in the mediums of pastel and acrylic paint. "My growth as an artist is of prime importance to me. I am continually researching new and better ways to approach my painting, all the while keeping in mind that "brush mileage" is my greatest teacher. I paint the subjects that are true to my heart." - Adeline Halvorson
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Leslie Anderson

Leslie is an Arizona native with a fine arts education and over 30 years of experience as an animal lover, painter and sculptor. Her work can be found in private collections from coast to coast as well as abroad. According to Leslie, animals and art have always been two of the most important things in her life, giving her a sense of value and purpose. Leslie grew up in an isolated area away from friends and schoolmates, giving her time to develop artistic inclinations and the chance to discover friendship with animals. When she was little she entered state fairs and art competitions. Presented with the chance to go to college she chose to major in fine art and happily explored equine science.

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Leslie married her husband Howard in 1984. Howard always believed in her gifts and encouraged her to pursue a career in art while advising her in business, his area of expertise. In 1991 Leslie and Howard moved with one dog, one horse and two birds to remote acreage and built a log cabin paradise. Howard did all of the physical labor while Leslie painted as much as she could, as fast as she could, to help finance their new adventure.
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Leslie gained public and media attention by painting animal portraits on some rather unusual canvases, gaining initial exposure from the generosity of a local Petsmart. She painted everything from dogs and cats and horses to pet birds, reptiles, lemurs and even sugar gliders. After handpainting pet portraits on everything from pockets to pillows she eventually became known as “the Rock Lady” as she was painting on hand picked river rocks. Nowadays her work is reproduced on fabric pillows, flags, doorstops and door mats while still staying true to her original designs. Leslie's artwork on Smiling Kitten Doorstops make a great gift. There's sure to be a favorite for every home. Just like in real life, no two kitties are alike!