Dedication from the Beginning

Diving wholeheartedly into her career as an artist, Teresa Kogut’s dedication to her creativity and loyal fans is apparent in her growth as a professional and as an artist.

Her designs appear on greeting cards, fabrics, home décor and more, and cover styles including folk art and animals with primitive inspiration.

Art in Real Life

Surrounded by nature, Teresa Kogut enjoys creating in her personal studio, on the edge of a pond and her family’s property. With plenty of space and inspiration, this is where her dreams have flourished and her artwork has come to life through many mediums and relationships. A customer favorite, we are happy to offer some of her creations on pillows, chair pads, rugs and more. With accent pieces and complementary collections, your home can be filled with charming and whimsical designs from artist Teresa Kogut.

Snowman and Cow Sculpture Holly Sheep Sculpture