Black Lab American Dog Pillow Lab With Leaves Pillow

An Artist of Many Talents

Artist Mary Lake-Thompson has been drawing and painting since childhood, and has become an incredibly successful painter and designer over the years. After her time as an art student at the University of Colorado, she relocated to San Francisco and became immersed in the exciting art scene of the 1970s. She then graduated with a degree in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute, and moved to northeast California with her husband, where her art can be found in local galleries and art shows.

Marina Stripe Hammock Swing
White Sunflower Pillow Border Collie with Scarf Pillow

Hen and Vegetables Crock Whimsical Stand Mixer Designed Apron
Mary Lake-Thompson
at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop

Mary Lake-Thompson started greeting card company using her own artwork, and developed a variety of décor and bath products with plenty of unique appeal. At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, you can find some of Mary Lake-Thompson’s charming designs featuring pets, flowers, the great outdoors and much more on pillows, chair pads and enamelware. Her exceptional artwork showcases some of the finest comforts of life, making a wonderful addition to your country home. Browse more of her designs here

Red Truck Joy Holiday Pillow
Lavender Linen Mist Spray The Lab & The Bumblebee Pillow