About the Artist 

Jim Shore is known and respected worldwide for his folk art collectibles seen in numerous retail locations, his number one status as an artist brand on the QVC shopping network, and his work with Disney® (Disney Traditions™ by Jim Shore). Growing up in rural South Carolina with artistic parents, he was introduced to a love for all things Americana and family tradition. His grandmother was a master quilter, and from these inspiring family members, he grew an understanding for patience when creating his works of art. Despite this artistic passion, Jim went on to study engineering and earned a degree in business in order to make a living. In his spare time, Mr. Shore practiced his sculpting and painting skills, dreaming of the day when the artist inside him could prevail.

Patriotic Angel Sculpture

"Art is something I've done all my life. It’s what I’ve always loved and the only thing I ever wanted to do. But making a living as an artist isn’t easy. There are thousands of very talented people out there that never got the chance to show what they can do. I’ve been lucky. Not only do I get to do what I love, I get to share it with people around the world. I’ve been given a tremendous gift and I thank God for it every day," says Jim.

After a rocky start in the art and licensing world, he eventually began his own business: Designs Americana. From there his art was out in the marketplace, waiting for the right people to notice - and they did. Partnering with Enesco® (a leader in marketing gifts, decorative accessories and collectibles), Jim was able to have the support he needed to share his talent with the world.

Jim Shore Santa At The Map Sculpture Jim Shore Charming Cheer Found Here Sculpture

Santa With Lantern & Satchel Sculpture

You may be familiar with Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore, one of his more recent lines that features the notable angel and Santa collectibles. Drawing inspiration from his roots, old world decorative techniques, American folk art and unique patch-work quilt patterns from all cultures, his handcrafted style has become most recognizable. In addition to sculpting and painting, he has also perfected the trades of goldsmithing, wood carving, glass staining and stone sculpting. Today, this self-taught artist looks forward to creating new formats that complement his existing brand, and seeking exciting opportunities that meet his high quality of standards in art creation.

Red & Green Garland Santa Sculpture Danish Santa Sculpture