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Accomplished rural Americana and inspirational artist Bonnie Mohr was raised in a large family, being the second oldest out of eight children. There was plenty of room and things to do on the family's spacious dairy farm, where they all shared the daily tasks. Bonnie knows that the experiences, values and hard work she gained during her upbringing helped shape who she is today.

It is somewhat of a surprise to her family, and even Bonnie herself, that she became the artist she is now. Bonnie always had an interest in art, but didn't consider herself to be any good. She was fascinated by color and as a visual learner, decided to teach herself. She began with oil paints and spoke with other artists for tips and suggestions. In the beginning, painting was reserved only for nights and weekends as she had a day job doing sales and advertising for a dairy publication. When Bonnie began to receive contracted work for her art, however, she knew it was time to go for it and follow her dream of creating art solely because she loved it. Her art studio motto is: "putting the extraordinary into the ordinary one painting at a time."
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Bonnie Mohr has been featured in numerous publications across America, including on the cover of WomenInc. Magazine. She is well known in the folk art and Americana loving community, and is a two-time recipient of the Judges Merit Award (1994 and 1996, respectively), presented to her at the Midwest Wildlife and Western Art Exhibit and Sale in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Bonnie has recently been highlighted on America's Heartland, a television series on PBS that shares stories of hardworking people and celebrates our nation's agriculture.

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