Patriotic Puppy Sculpture Pilgrim Puppy Sculpture
Nostalgic Beginnings

With the creation of her first one-of-a-kind nostalgic Santa Claus figures and its reception within the folk art enthusiast community, artist Bethany Lowe knew her self-taught talent could bring joy to collectors and people with an eye for traditional handmade figures.

At the beginning, she dedicated much of her time to crafting unique folk art Santa Clauses and delved into her imagination to shape and refine her vintage style. Now, her sculptures and home accents have become treasures for collectors and decorators alike.

Witch's Crow & Broom Sculpture
Squirrel Brew Master Halloween Sculpture Barn Owls On Branch Ornament

Glass Star Tree Topper Tinsel & Glass Tree Topper
Holiday Napkin Ring Set Traditions

Bethany Lowe remembers spending magical holidays with loved ones on the family farm as a child; memories of ice skating, horse drawn sleigh rides, caroling, pumpkin carving, costume parties and so much more fill her mind and translate into inspiration for her collectibles. She strives to create that magic through her art, and hopes to inspire tradition and warmth for your holiday seasons as well.

Sleep Til Santa Comes Sculpture Turkey And Leaves Mini Pillow

Worldly Inspiration

Traveling overseas and drawing from international traditions to create one-of-a-kind, truly exemplary pieces, Bethany Lowe has become quite the phenomenon.

Creating charming Halloween, holiday and seasonal collectibles that evoke holiday spirit and warm folk art appeal, as well as designing folk art décor for the White House Christmas are just a few of her admirable accomplishments. Her designs stretch across many seasons and holidays, so you're sure to find a Bethany Lowe piece to fit in with your own country home decor.

The Great Haunted Sign
Glitter Star Ornament Uncle Sam Patriotic Sculpture