Apple a Day

Apples are grown in temperate zones around the world, and have been cultivated for at least 3,000 years. Today, apple varieties number well into the thousands, and the apple has become a popular theme for home accents, especially in autumn decor. 

Have your apple a day with delightful home accents adorned with this favorite fruit. Bright red apple accents can bring wonderful color to your kitchen, dining room and living room all year long. Feature them in special displays from late summer well into fall in celebration of the early harvest.

Apple Basket Rug

Historical Significance

Historically, apples provided an alternative to risky water sources for American colonists. Hard cider was extracted from bitter apples (apples in those times were unlike those we have today) and drunk instead of water.

Although demand decreased drastically in the 19th century, campaigns promoting the health benefits of apples painted the fruit in a positive light, especially in relation to farming families and teachers. Poor farmers would offer crops, including apples, as a way of supporting their children's teachers, as money in those days was harder to come by.

The tradition of giving an apple to a teacher has carried on through the years, and apples continue to be a favorite fruit for many.

Apple Coaster Set

A Favorite Fruit

A word of warning — your apple home accents may look good enough to eat, and might make you long for an apple-y treat! Feed your craving with our Dutch Apple Preserves, spread over a biscuit, toast or even ice cream. And our Harvest Apple Soap sure smells good enough to eat! Keep a bar in your bathroom for guests or use it in the kitchen when you want to use a sweet-smelling hand soap. The Apple Berry Wreath adds a colorful touch to your front door, as well as offering the refreshing feeling of an afternoon of apple picking. We like to think that if eating apples is healthy, then decorating with apples must be healthy too!

Apple Berry Wreath
Harvest Apple Soap Dutch Apple Preserves