Country kitchen décor is more than a decorative theme. This style is all about that feeling of cozy comfort you get whenever you walk into a room that makes you feel right at home. Everything in your rustic kitchen contributes to a feeling of unhurried wholesomeness, and that includes kitchen windows. If your kitchen windows need a country or rustic makeover, these window treatment ideas may inspire you to make another décor change.

Burlap Sack Valances

Unless you attend one of those fun sack races during a summertime festival or country fair, you may not give burlap fabric much of a thought. Even so, burlap has been around forever, and it has a natural color and texture that fits right in with many rustic kitchens. One neat idea is to turn simple sacks made of burlap into fancy farmhouse-style valances. All you need is one or two sacks and some string or ribbon to use for hanging the valance from the rod. What a way to repurpose a sack often used to store livestock feed or potatoes.

Drape Prints at the Top

Sometimes a small change can make a big difference in the decorative appeal of a kitchen window. Let's say that you find a great-looking printed kitchen curtain, and you're happy with how it looks, but the window still needs a bit more pizazz. How about removing the top curtain rod and re-hanging the curtain panel in a draped style? To get the top to drape down at intersections, you can use tie-backs or hidden hooks to create that peek-a-boo effect at the top of the panel. It's called peek-a-boo because part of the wall or window is exposed due to draping. This works best with kitchen curtain sets that include a rectangular top piece.

Decorative Roman Shades

Roman shades are sleek and not usually associated with country kitchens, but that's what makes them a great choice. These versatile fabric shades can have rounded or straight bottoms, and they come in solid colors or chic patterns. For this style to work in your kitchen, carefully think through your choice of color and pattern. Soft hues of grey, green or blue paired with natural white are good options. Also take a look at gentle floral patterns and crisp checks.

European Café Style

Bring a dash of Euro-style to your kitchen with one or more café curtain panels. Café curtains come in all kinds of colors and patterns, and many come in top and bottom sets. For a posh look, cover only the bottom portion of the window with café curtain panels hung on a café rod. If you desire some light shading, hang sheer kitchen curtains from the top of the frame as normal, and place the café curtains in front. This duo-curtain look gives the room a touch of romance.

The Bold Clasp

Wondering how to dress those larger windows closest to the dining nook in your kitchen? Choose long sheer curtains and give them some flair by clasping the mid-section together with a large, bold broch style curtain tie-back. These tie-back designs look similar to hair clips, but they are much larger. Brooch designs typically feature an open circle or square and a spear-like attachment for holding the fabric in place. The look is breezy and elegant.

Pop Goes the Floral

If your kitchen has a lot of monochromatic color, you can add visual excitement by selecting a kitchen curtain with a bold, colorful floral pattern. Colors that pop include garden flower colors of orange, yellow, blue, violet or pink. In a room dominated by wood and metal, florals bring a cheerful softness.

A Vision in Patterned White

Cover your kitchen windows in dreamy white sheers that feature a pattern of your choice. White patterned sheers in white kitchens can really enhance the beauty of this space and give it a touch of chicness.

Mixing Different Patterns

Do something unexpected with a kitchen that has more than one window by choosing to mix your curtain patterns. The only rule you should follow is to stick to the same pattern style. For instance, you can hang different flower patterns on two different windows. Or choose two different check patterns, etc. Do colors have to be the same? No, but they should complement each other.

Crisp Stripes

Tired of florals? Consider going with crisp, bold stripes instead. Stripes can be horizontal or vertical, and you can find striped curtain styles in various colors. Horizontal stripes are fun and cute, while vertical stripes bring relaxed orderliness to windows.

Curtains and Blinds

Give kitchen windows the full treatment by dressing them with blinds and curtains. This is a nice option for spaces that have more than one window or large windows that create lots of natural light. Window blinds give you more control over the amount of light entering the kitchen, and the curtains add color and beauty.

Indoor Window Awning

Window awnings are normally installed outside a window, providing shade for anyone enjoying a nice view from inside. Awnings also add decorative beauty to a home's exterior. How about creating an awning window curtain for that kitchen window that sits above the sink? Please note that this can be done only if there are two sturdy kitchen cabinets at both ends of the window. You can create an awning with a solid or striped café style curtain and two café rods in that case.

Slip the first rod through the top of the curtain and hang over the window as usual. Position a second rod between two cabinets near the cabinet edges at a lower angle. Drape the bottom portion of the curtain over the lower rod to create a gently sloping awning. Stand back and admire how great this looks.