A smaller version to our Bookshelf Pot Rack, our Accessory Shelf Pot Rack is the perfect place to store extra dishware, cook books, spices and more. Its light weight at only 7lbs, you will feel confident adjusting and changing locations of your shelf to fit your needs as they change.Technology steel anchors (included) eliminate the need to attach rack to joists or studs. Position rack in drywall anywhere you like. Includes 8 convenient pot hooks. 16"H x 7"W x 14"L
Accessory Shelf Pot Rack

TOOLS PROVIDED: Hex wrench, toggles, fastener hardware (anchors, nuts, bolts, wall screw and sleeves)

TOOLS NEEDED: Level, tape measure, pencil, drill. 1/2" and 3/16" drill bits, hammer and nail

parts list

assembly diagram


TIP REMOVE PAINT FROM SCREW HOLES. Because the powder coat finish applied at the factory also adheres to the inside of screw holes, turning a screw through it during assembly may be difficult. Therefore, before connecting parts, we recommend that you clean out screw holes in body (14) and back bar (10). Using a button head bolt and hex wrench provided, rotate the bolt through each screw hole, then withdraw it. That will push paint out and make securing parts easier.

  • STEP 1: Layout Parts On a table lay out all parts shown in the view above.

  • STEP 2: Connect Main Body Parts Connect body (14) and back bar (10) by inserting button head bolts (18B) through all screw holes. Be certain back bar is on the INSIDE when connected.

  • STEP 3: Attach Arm It is easiest to attach arm when the corner of the pot rack to which are attaching the arm hangs slightly past the edge of the table. That provides clearance for the flared end that extends below the body of the rack.

  • Align arm (6) over two holes at front of body (14) and connect with two button head bolts (18B). Do not tighten bolts firmly until all bolts are in place.

  • STEP 4: Level Pot Rack on Table Place assembled rack squarely on table and adjust all parts to be certain they are level and straight. Then tighten all bolts firmly.

  • NOTE: The grid and brackets will be added after the pot rack is attached to the wall.



  • Step 1: LOCATION
    Decide where you want to place your pot rack. We recommended near your stove, sink or food preparation area. Also, consider the height of the wall where the pot rack will hang. Keep in mind how far below the rack your pots and utensils will hang, plus how high above your head you can still easily reach items that are stored on the grid.

    On the wall, mark the three points 10-1/4" length by 11" high where the top of the rack arm and back bar will attach. Then tap a small nail through each mark to be certain a stud is not in the way.

    The new technology drywall anchors eliminate the need to bolt your pot rack to a ceiling joist. The steel anchors are very strong and when installed in drywall each drywall anchor holds about 200lbs; many times the weight you will likely hang from your pot rack. Since you no longer have to consider the location of a stud which usually determines where you rack has to be installed, you can position it in drywall anywhere you want! SEE TOGGLE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW

  • installing anchors