The color red is an enchanting and magical color. Depending on how you choose to display or light an area with this vibrant shade, it can have either an energetic effect or a soft and rustic feel.

Here we feature an assortment of our products that span all tones of red — everything from a classic cherry red to a muted barn red — all of which evoke different effects. It's rich and it's potent. If you choose to represent this bold, primary color of the rainbow, consider the wide selection Sturbridge Yankee Workshop has to offer — whether you want to add just a splash of this intense color or go for the gusto!

Red Bandana Dog Pillow
 alt= Myra Upholstered Bobbin Settee

Red Metal Pitcher
Classic Country Curtain

Romantic Dining

For an antique red color base in the kitchen, start with our Classic Country Check Curtains, pictured left. From there, you can choose accents to complement or contrast this rich color. (If you like the Fort Hill Pendant hanging over the table, it is also available in red). For seating, consider the timeless classic Saddle Stool, finished in a rich barn red color. Its roomy contoured seat offers comfortable seating, and its portability makes it easy to move to different areas of your home. Store books, knick-knacks and other items in this Rustic Country Pine Hutch

Saddle Stool 3' Rustic Country Pine Hutch

Red Star Stained Glass Tealight Holder Primitive Pine Entryway Chair

Bold & Vibrant

Pops of red color throughout your home can actually be surprisingly easy on the eyes, depending on how you use them. When paired with a neutrally colored room, bright red accent pillows like the Red Bunny Hooked Wool Pillow will add just the right amount of warmth, especially when accented with country imagery and subtle colors. The vibrant Red Geranium Faux Floral Bush looks great in any room and will remain as pretty as fresh blooming flowers all year long. 

Red Globe Accent Lights
Red Bunny Hooked Wool Pillow Mistletoe & Plaid Holiday Quilt Set

Vintage Vinyl Folk Art Floorcloth

An Eye Catching Hue

When it comes to going red on your floors, Sturbridge Yankee Workshop has you covered with a variety of options, including braided rugs, vinyl floor cloths and traditional rugs. Seen here to the left (in a runner size) is our plush Crimson Folk Art Family Rug, which incorporates an intricate folk art pattern and warm rust tones to enhance your red-themed decor. Its beauty is long-lasting, thanks to its stain resistant, easy-care polypropylene construction. The Bold Braided Rug Collection (II) below adds splashes of crimson to your staircase and can serve as a focal point in the room. Imagine the decorating possibilities that this color can bring into every room of your home.

Crimson Folk Art Family Rug Bold Braided Rug Collection II

Upholstered Spindle Settee Red Barn Lantern Lamp

 Energy Around the House

Red creates a feeling of energy in any living space and will surely be noticed, because the brain is naturally attracted to the contrast red gives to an everyday environment. Vintage Wall Phone offers a retro feel to a kitchen, office or living room. This early vintage replica version offers all the modern conveniences of today, such as push button and redial functions. Other home accents, like our Route 66 or Large Vintage Market Wall clocks would also make great gifts for the crimson aficionado in your life.

Country Shaker 2 Drawer End Table
Large Vintage Market Wall Clock Lamb In Red Barn Pillow